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LEXIS in Malaga: La mejor forma de aprender español mientras te relajas
Paseo de la Farola 3
29016 MALAGA
The Spanish language school LEXIS, has always been recognized for its quality of Spanish courses since its beginnings for the professionalism and training of its native teachers, and for its capacity for organization; its ability to coordinate the study of Spanish with its varied extra-curricular program of social activities.

Why learn Spanish at LEXIS?

School in the historical city center of Malaga.

An original studying method that is immediate and complete, based on the four principal functions:

Graduate native teachers, who are specialized, highly qualified and particularly motivated.

A comprehensive selection of courses for all ages, for all requirements and for all levels of knowledge of the language.

A diverse program of activities at school(Flamenco Classes, Cookery Courses, Cine Forum) as well as outside (Museums, Tapas Tour, Salsa, Karaoke).

A good choice of accommodation for all students

Excursions, thanks to its privileged position, Malaga is located near beautiful cities like Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Ronda, Gibraltar, the white villages or Morocco.
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
At Lexis, we offer Spanish courses starting from a minimum of 2 hours per week.
Business Groups
Spanish for Companies. Business Spanish
The specific course Spanish for business is based on the vocabulary and expressions used for business communication. The student masters figures, social usage of language, use of the telephone, common business documents, business meetings, presentations and negotiations.

"Why bother with a certificate in Spanish when English is the language of international business?"

There are, in fact, two reasons why mastering Spanish as a means of communication, both at work and in business, and obtaining a certificate from such a prestigious institution as the Malaga Chamber of Commerce should be taken most seriously:

-Firstly, Spanish is now the western world's second most-spoken language , with over three hundred and fifty million people thinking and expressing themselves in Spanish. Furthermore, Spanish as an economic and professional language is growing at a rapid rate as Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Chile and the south of the United States become increasingly important in economic and business terms.

-Secondly, in a world as competitive as the one we now live in, it is becoming more and more important to "speak our clients' language".
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
These intensive Spanish courses consist of four 45-minute classes with a break between the second and third class.

The first part is dedicated to correcting homework (our students do homework); then, a grammatical structure or vocabulary is explained or revised, and finally we deal with the topic of the day using a highly practical approach.

The second part is 100% practical. The nature of the activity depends on the level of the group but the objective is to speak and understand. Just to speak and understand.
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week
Our 20-classes intensive Spanish course can be supplemented by adding two more classes per day. These classes do not increase the content of the course but they do reinforce it considerably.

These more intensive Spanish courses are recommended for those needing to pass examinations or requiring a high level of accuracy.
Teacher Training
For teachers of Spanish
As well as mastering the Spanish language as completely as possible, non-native teachers of Spanish as a foreign language should have resources to use in class.

In this course we revise the problems which cause most difficulty when teaching Spanish. We provide summary charts and other resources which promote global understanding to enable the teacher to transmit his/her knowledge of Spanish to his/her students.

The course is completed with a culture programme to get up to date with current political and cultural issues in our country.
50 Plus
Courses for adults from 50 years
This programme is ideal for people over 55, although younger students (from 48 onwards) are also welcome, as long as they share the same interests:

-Learning the Spanish language in a practical and easy way
-Appreciating the class as a place for social relationships
-Discovering Spanish culture in order to make the activitiy programme more interesting
-Enjoying a programme of activities in the afternoons/evenings.
Day trips (extra charge)
Every Saturday, we organise a day trip to some of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia.

School parties
In addition to enjoying spanish classes and cultural activities alike, students love to get together at parties held both in the school itself and outside.

The parties held on the school premises take place in the assembly hall, which also features a stage with spotlights on which the more talented are invited to delight us with their artistic abilities.

The most important thing, however, is the atmosphere created by the students of Spanish themselves; in an ambience where the latest music mixes easily with the sound of salsa or flamenco, in which beer, sangria and red wine with lemonade flow freely, ably complemented by trays bearing tasty snacks, groups of students eager to chat or improvise dance routines soon begin to form. It is as simple -and as enjoyable- as that.

On some occasions, we invite native Spaniards studying at the school to join the festivities (we mustn't forget that Lexis is also Malaga's leading foreign language school), which they do with great gusto, keen as they are to meet students of other nationalities with whom they can arrange conversation exchanges outside the school.

This mix of Spanish and foreign students often produces some amusing situations, as the conversations that develop are quite different from those that take place between teachers and students in class… you can well imagine the countless questions generated by the colloquial expressions employed by the Spaniards and the somewhat less-than-professional answers given to these queries, and yet in spite of the fact that they are unable to understand each other perfectly, they laugh heartily and, once the beer has run out, leave the school in mixed groups before heading off into the night to carry on the party at the many bars to be found in the city centre
Touristic Tour
City visit (free)

Muslim Malaga
We visit the Alcazaba or Arab palace and Gibralfaro, the Arab castle above the city. We delve into the history of the Muslim period.

Religious Malaga
We visit the Cathedral and the Basilica of the Virgen de la Victoria. The Cathedral is spectacular and inside we will find several interesting anecdotes about the city's history.

Traditional Malaga
We visit the Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts, where we can see what life was like in Malaga in the past. The visit is very interesting as it introduces a huge amount of vocabulary about daily objects (most of them quite old, of course).
Family, half board

Living with a Spanish family enables the student to practise the language and get to know the Spanish way of life. Our families are carefully selected to guarantee a pleasant, beneficial stay.
Shared apartment

Our apartments have, on average, three double and/or single rooms. They come fully equipped. Towels are not included. They are generally situated between 5 and 25 minutes from the school.
Halls of residence, half board

Double or single rooms with common living room, TV, cafeteria and dining room. During summer the atmosphere is international, but in winter the pupil lives alongside Spanish and international students.

LEXIS also offers hotel accommodation ranging from 3 to 5 stars and apartments for 1 or 2 persons. Since prices vary according to season, category and length of stay, we request that you consult us directly.
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