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Centro de Idiomas Quorum in Malaga: Welcome to Centro de Idiomas Quorum, Spanish Language School in Nerja
Calle San Miguel, 25
29780 MALAGA
Centro de Idiomas Quorum is located in Nerja, Malaga, a town of 20,000 people located in the Axarquia region of Andalusia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and offer courses at very affordable prices. Quorum gives you, the student, the ideal location from where to base your studies, blending perfectly our extensive language teaching experience with the warm character of the Andalusians and the enviable climate of the Costa del Sol. So why not learn Spanish in Spain at Quorum?
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
Our Individual Spanish Course offers our participants a flexible individual learning program. The course is dedicated to the personal and specific needs of each student. The topics are chosen according to the particular requirements and study aims of the learner, such as Spanish for business, exam preparation or specific areas of language difficulty, such as grammar work, comprehension skills and oral communication.
Business Groups
Spanish for Companies. Business Spanish
The Business Spanish course enables students and professionals from all over the world to get an insight into the Spanish business world. In this type of course you will learn about concepts and theories of commerce in Spain, business structure and management in Spain, business manners and special business jargon, commercial relationships and much more.20 lessons of Intensive Course and 5 lessons of Business lesson a week.
Intensive Course 10
10 Hours per week
10 lessons of Spanish Conversation of Grammar per week. Would you like to speak Spanish the way the Spanish do? Our Spanish Conversation classes are designed for people who would like to improve their conversation skills and everyday vocabulary. Our Spanish grammar courses will not only help you learn the rules of grammar but also, through doing exercises, allow you to practice the grammar you learn. Your tutor will correct each of your exercises. All our courses give you the possibility of posing your grammar doubts to a teacher who will act as a grammar corrector.
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
You are looking to combine your Spanish studies and the knowledge of Spain. the General Spanish Intensive course of 20 lessons per week will provide you with effective Spanish language skills. This course is emphesized on Conversation and will allow you to rapidly develop your oral and written skills, while you are here to learn spanish in a relaxing and joyfull way.
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week
Like the Intensive Course, this Course integrates the 4 skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening with grammatical structures, vocabulary development, and very interesting aspects of Spanish culture and way of life. However, if you wish to advance more quickly we recommend the Super Intensive Course because it has more daily classes and more oral and written communication practice. 30 lessons a week.z9Htuzxk.dpuf
Preparation DELE
DELE: Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera.
This course has 20 general Spanish language lessons, just as the Intensive Course plus 5 additional lessons per week of specific preparation for the Initial and Intermediate DELE exams. This course is designed to prepare you rapidly and fully for the exam and at the same time to improve your general level of writing and speaking in the shortest time possible.puf
Teacher Training
For teachers of Spanish
Our Spanish training teacher courses will help the teachers who are teaching Spanish as a foreign language to improve your linguistic skills, enhance and update your teaching methods. They will discover new approaches to teaching the Spanish language and exchange ideas with other teachers in your class. 20 lessons of Intensive Spanish lessons withs 5 lessons of Teacher Training.
50 Plus
Courses for adults from 50 years
The 50 Plus Spanish courses for mature students are, as the name refers, targeted at students mainly over 50 years of age. Learn Spanish in Spain in an age group you feel yourself comfortable with. 5 lessons Grammar course and 10 lessons of Spanish Conversation per week.
Instituto Cervantes
Instituto Cervantes Accreditation is an integrated conditions and requirements related to academic activity and teaching staff , facilities and equipment , administrative organization and information and publicity referred to a center dedicated to the teaching of ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) indicators system.

The Centers Accreditation System Cervantes Institute aims to:

Promote commitment to quality and improvement of schools that offer teaching Spanish in Spain and outside of Spain .
Encourage the development of a system of homogeneous teaching Spanish in their standards and with full guarantee of services and complementary activities offered .
Easier for people interested in learning Spanish choosing a center that has been accredited by a state agency prestige.
We are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.
Quorum’s extra-curricular programme is the perfect complement to our Spanish courses, and our location allows you to visit with ease the most important historical and cultural attractions of Andalusia. Every activity or excursion is guided by a member of our Spanish teaching staff, which gives you the opportunity to practice your newly acquired Spanish language skills in real life situations.
Free Services
Become part of the Spanish language school in Spain, Quorum, and make new friends by attending our many social activities which include: Welcoming parties for new students, Sevillana dance classes, cookery classes that enable you to taste and cook the local cuisine, photographic safaris, barbecues, video film evenings, visits to the cinema or theatre and much more…
Touristic Tour
Participate in our full day excursions and take time to sample in depth the delights of Seville, Granada (La Alhambra, Sierra Nevada), Córdoba, Málaga, Ronda, Gibraltar, etc. So as not to interfere with the course work the full-day excursions are held on weekends.

Visit the famous Nerja Caves, typical Arabic mountain villages, or take a boat trip to beaches inaccessible by car. If you don’t wish to travel too far but want to make the most of your time visiting the local area with the detailed information and local knowledge of our staff, then these excursions are for you.
Spanish Course and Make-up
Learning the spanish language while in meantime you can learn to improve your image with our Make-up and Styling course. The Make-up and Styling programme includes 20 lessons of Intensive Course, plus 3 lessons of Make-up and Styling per week.
Spanish History and Culture Course
Apart from Spanish language courses,quorum offers Spanish culture courses. Here at our Spanish Language School, we believe that studying Spanish culture – or that of any other language you might be learning – is a fundamental part of learning the language itself. 20 lessons of Intensive plus 3 lessons of Spanish Culture per week.
Spanish Course and Cooking
This course provides the students with the opportunity to combine the study of the Spanish language with cooking classes. You book this course in combination with the intensive course. With this programme the student will learn more about the Spanish cuisine and the Mediterranean cooking. 20 lessons of Intensive course and 3 lessons of cooking class per week.
Spanish Course and Dance
Language and dance classes are a great way to learn the language and make friends. In each language or dance class there is a mixture of nationalities. Learning a language and dancing with people from other countries but with similar interests is not only the best way to learn a language and to learn the steps – but is also a great deal of fun! The language courses are taught by experienced and fully qualified spanish native speaking tutors. Each Flamenco, Salsa lesson is taught by a professional dance tutor
Skiing (Sierra Nevada), swimming, sailing, fishing, diving, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, hiking, horse-back riding and cycling. Quorum also works with a specialized local adventure centre that can organize other sports for those looking for more action.
Nerja ´s newly opened football and athletics stadium complete the list of different sports that can be practiced in and around the town.
Depending on your individual needs Quorum offers a variety of accommodations, from living with a local family in their house, in a shared or private apartment, or in a Residence – all houses and apartments are less than 10m. walk from the school and beach and are continually monitored through our regular inspections and feedback from students.
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