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Ail Madrid in Madrid: AIL Madrid - the top Spanish Language School in Spain
Calle O'Donnell, 27, 1º
28009 MADRID
Located in the beautiful centre of Madrid, we offer an extensive range of year-round Spanish courses with flexible start dates and schedules to meet each student’s preferences and interests.

Learn Spanish in small groups with passionate, experienced teachers and communication-based methodology. Academic excellence combined with a fun atmosphere.

We’ve also built plenty of opportunities for you to immerse yourself in local Spanish culture, combining our quality programs with daily Fun After Class Activities to ensure you live a well-rounded Spanish experience.

Our motto is “¡Locos por el español!” which translates to “Crazy about Spanish!”. We really are! Our passion for the language and culture of Spain is at the heart of everything we do, and we can’t wait to share this love of learning and our home with you.

And if you can't come to Madrid, join our online Spanish classes and continue to learn Spanish with students from all over the world and benefit from all that Spain’s best Spanish language school has to offer, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Face-to-face classes in Madrid

Total immersion experience
Entertaining classes
Accredited COVID-19 safety measures
Reduced school and classroom capacity

Online Classes

Same quality teaching, from home
Flexible schedules
Instituto Cervantes accredited
No enrolment fee
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
Individual Spanish lessons are without doubt the most convenient way of learning Spanish as it gives you the freedom to shape your classes exactly how you want them to be. You decide the number of classes you want to take, where and when they take place and most importantly what they focus on. You control the pace and rhythm of learning maximising your progression.

Before we start you will be asked to provide us with detailed information on your current Spanish level and your objectives for the classes. Based on that information I create a 100% personalised study program, choosing best learning materials and diverse exercises to ensure that your personal study objectives are met and hopefully exceeded!

In class, you express yourself in different real life situations, applying your Spanish knowledge into your own personal context. Thanks to so much direct one-to-one personal contact, I quickly get to know my private students, which teaching techniques and learning methods you best respond to, allowing me to optimise your motivation and stretch them to your limits. You also get to know me, we have fun in class and from here we naturally develop a certain bond and a degree of friendship which totally removes your embarrassment or fear of speaking a foreign language.

Private Spanish Classes can be taken alone or can be combined with any Spanish Course offered by the School - my colleagues from the Student Care Team will be delighted to plan your classes so you have a perfect schedule.
Online Courses
Skype Spanish Classes are the perfect option for those who want to learn Spanish but live outside Madrid or have little time to study. They are also ideal for those who already have a good level of Spanish but want to be able to practice the language on a regular basis to maintain their current ability.

Having online Spanish classes is as simple as connecting to Internet – you can attend from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. As they are one-to-one classes, you follow a completely personalised program, having the freedom of choosing how you want your class to be, scheduling your weekly timetable to suit even the busiest agendas and having the possibility to cancel classes. The objective of Skype lessons are the same as that of our Individual Classes and the content doesn’t vary too much either. What´s different is the way the classes are taught. Skype courses have the advantage of Internet resources to give the class a real sense of fluidity and interactivity and the materials and resources used are adapted to online learning. Spanish grammar is explained in a simple but comprehensive manner and there is plenty of speaking and listening practice to increase your fluency. You can even ask me to help you with your upcoming Spanish exam preparation, work presentation or job interview.

Additionally, having your Spanish classes online feels like visiting Spain and brings you close to the language within seconds, not to mention the time you save not having to travel to your teacher´s house or language school.

Beginner or advanced learner – you will benefit from learning Spanish with experienced, native teachers from an Instituto Cervantes accredited school. I look forward to Skyping in Spanish soon!

P.S. If you have studied at AIL Madrid before, and have a preferred teacher, please let us know and we can arrange your classes with them.
Business Groups
Spanish for Companies. Business Spanish
As I am sure you are well aware, in this global world that we live in, success in international business and commerce often requires fluency in several languages. We at AIL understand this and a have a small team of three specialised Business Spanish teachers, all of whom have formal training as well as practical professional experience working in international companies When I am asked who are our Business Spanish courses for, I always answer the same – from an executive that barely has time to leave his/her office (we will come to you and adapt to your availability) to a business student or in fact anyone interested in developing the practical language skills used in the international business world and learning Business Spanish terms and concepts. Each student has specific and different objectives making one-to-one classes the best recipe for obtaining top results.

You can elect to specialize in your chosen area or focus on some (or all) of the following business fields:

International Trade
Marketing and Advertising
Public Relations, Advertising and Communication
Hotel Management and Tourism
Spain and the European Union

Many students prefer a focus on developing business skills with practical coaching sessions focused on:

Business communication (e-mail, formal business letters)
Telephone communication
Face to face communication including business meetings
Presentation skills
Networking / socializing skills
Negotiating skills
Job interview preparation
Body language and business etiquette in the Spanish speaking world

AIL Madrid Business Spanish teachers bring their classes to life using dynamic, interactive and real world authentic materials including articles from newspapers and journals, videos, everyday workplace situations, analyzing case studies, hypothetical situations and projects.
School Trips
Schools, institutes, student groups
At AIL Madrid Spanish Language School, we are committed to deliver the most inspiring and motivating Spanish language and culture immersion programmes for high school and University groups with a minimum of 5 stude.

Our school trips and educational study tours combine intensive Spanish studies with enjoyable afternoon activities that allow students to explore Madrid’s most spectacular sights, obtain an in depth insight into the Spanish way of life and further put their Spanish skills into action.

For years, we have been successfully organising school trips for high school and university groups from many European countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, as well as from the United States, China, Azerbaijan and Nigeria. Thanks to the unrivalled quality, professional service and flexibility we offer to groups, a great number of schools come back in following years to relive their experience at AIL Madrid and are happy to recommend us to their colleagues.

The services we arrange:
General or specific Spanish courses
Cultural workshops
Language or cultural exchange meetings with Spanish teenagers or university students
Professional visits to Spanish companies and public organisations
Leisure, cultural and tourist activities
Half day and full day excursions
Desired accommodation type with or without meals
Airport transfers
Level Coures
A1 Elementary
Basic level.
Simple, everyday phrases. Isolated words or expressions.
A2 Pre Intermediate
Plain and simple language.
B1 Intermediate
Understanding of everyday language . Clear expression of ideas. Sufficient knowledge to workplace activities.
B2 Upper Intermediate
Structure of language (oral and written) . Expression safely in almost any situation and understanding of the native language partners.
C1 Advance
Almost total understanding including typical expressions of language. Similar to the mother tongue even in situations of complexity level.
Intensive Course 10
10 Hours per week
Many of AIL Madrid's students choose our Semi Intensive Spanish Course, due to daily commitments, such as work or studies, which make it impossible for them to attend the regular Intensive Course. I know that learning or improving your Spanish can be a daunting experience and that on the first day of classes you may feel a tad nervous or fear that you won't be able to keep up with the pace of the classes. It's nothing to worry about I promise you, my colleagues and I are here to hold your hand every step of the way, doing our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable; integrating you into the group right from day ONE. In class, we will be working on communication skills, grammar and vocabulary, adapting the course content exactly to your needs: learning Spanish the fun way and making sure you meet and surpass all your goals - rest assured your efforts will be rewarded in absolutely no time at all!

Number of group classes per week: 10
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
The majority of our students choose the Intensive Spanish Course as it offers them the right balance between classroom study, self-study and of course enough free time to explore Madrid in all its beauty. This course is the perfect recipe for fast results since classes are taught at a quick pace and of course completely in Spanish - so you are immersed in the language from your very first step into the classroom! It´s an excellent teaching technique that actively engages you in what you learn, making it a lot easier to memorise.

We meet for four class a day, where we work on improving your communication skills, widening vocabulary, learning useful phrases and practicing grammar, whilst getting to know each other better, every day.

The priority is making sure every student takes on board the day's key learning points to return home not only having significantly improved their Spanish but also with a suitcase full of laughter and good memories.

So why not come along and study with us! I look forward to welcoming you into my class!

Number of group classes per week: 20

he Premium Spanish Course is an extremely efficient way of learning Spanish. You can immerse yourself into the language with four group classes a day, enjoying the company of other international students, whilst additionally having one private totally personalised lesson every day. In the group classes, we put into practice all the language skills needed to master Spanish. A typical class would cover grammar and vocabulary, in a dynamic and entertaining way, focusing primarily on communication. We organise fun language orientated games, quizzes and group activities, watch short films, analyse songs, do role plays and organise debates; all in a calm, relaxing and motivating atmosphere.

The private classes, on the other hand, give you an opportunity to resolve any doubts you might have, go over any aspect of the group class, practice speaking and pronunciation whilst enjoying the complete 1-1 attention of your teacher. More often than not, at the end of the course the student tell me “I can´t believe that my course is already over, it´s flown by”!

Group classes per week:20
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week
The Spanish Total Immersion Program is ideal for students who have limited time, want to fully commit to learning Spanish, and whose objective is rapid progression. While 6 classes a day, 5 days a week may seem a lot, seeing immediate results is without any doubt worth the effort. The well-structured, lively and engaging classes consist of general Spanish that you'll be able to use in your everyday social, study or work life, and which works to improve your key language skills: speaking, pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing and listening. 30 classes of Spanish per week will give you a great exposure to the language and provide plenty of speaking practice. Rest assured that no other program can deliver the same results in such a short space of time, but be prepared for your head to feel like it is exploding!

Number of group classes per week: 30
Extensive Course 3
3 hours per week
Curso intensivo de español Online

El curso intensivo de español online es la fórmula perfecta si quieres invertir tu tiempo en estudiar, aprender y progresar en español de una forma rápida, real y efectiva, pasando varias horas al día en España sin moverte de casa. ¿Suena bien no? Pues es exactamente lo que vas a sentir si te matriculas en este curso. Está más que demostrado que una inmersión en el aprendizaje de un idioma multiplica los avances, y es lo que seguramente que estás buscando si lo necesitas por motivos laborales, familiares, formativos, o simplemente porque te apetece sumergirte en otro mundo a través de su idioma y su cultura.

Curso Premium de Español Online

Nuestro programa Premium de español online va dirigido a aquellos que buscan una experiencia de inmersión intensa en el idioma y reforzar su progreso a través de las clases individuales personalizadas.
Preparation DELE
DELE: Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera.
First of all, what is the DELE? The DELE (or Diploma de Español Como Lengua Extranjera) is the internationally recognised official qualification of Spanish as a second language. So, if you need to certify your Spanish skills for studies/employment or you just love Spanish, come and sign up!
Teacher Training
For teachers of Spanish
Who is the ELE Training course for?

Teachers who teach Spanish as a foreign language at Secondary schools, Colleges, or Universities.

Native or non-native Spanish teachers with a Spanish level of C1.

Spanish Teachers who have had several years of experience teaching and who are currently working on ELE.
50 Plus
Courses for adults from 50 years
There are 20 classes per week in the Club 50 program that take place in reduced classes of a maximum of 8 persons. Such small class sizes enable the teacher to dedicate more time individually to students and therefore incorporate their needs into the class content. The course emphasis is firmly placed on communication skills and the topics covered by our qualified teachers get everyone talking and make the lessons much more enjoyable, productive and interesting. This way, you definitely learn how to express yourself in Spanish! Whether you are a beginner or are an advanced learner, we have the right course level for you. Club 50 students are placed in groups based on their level of Spanish (assessed before your arrival to Madrid) and therefore should expect to be in classes with students of all ages, not just other students on the Club 50 program. Moreover, if there are any bank holidays when you come to Madrid, don’t worry, all classes and activities will be made up for!

Cultural and Touristic Activities Program
At AIL Madrid, we know that our Club 50 students are looking for much more than just learning Spanish. They want to have a wonderful time, taste the delicacies of the Spanish cuisine, explore Madrid and discover the secrets of Spanish culture. Therefore we have carefully selected diverse activities for every afternoon or evening of your stay. Those activities take place with a teacher from AIL Madrid, your guide to the Spanish way of life who will constantly make you practice Spanish, giving explanations in an approachable and an easy-to-understand way. A sample itinerary, to be found below, includes visits to the top sights of interest and museums, dance performances, tapas and wine tasting, cookery classes, excursions and cultural workshops. During the different activities you get to know other 50 students from different countries with whom you not only practice Spanish but share stories and unforgettable moments!
Instituto Cervantes
Instituto Cervantes Accreditation is an integrated conditions and requirements related to academic activity and teaching staff , facilities and equipment , administrative organization and information and publicity referred to a center dedicated to the teaching of ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) indicators system.

The Centers Accreditation System Cervantes Institute aims to:

Promote commitment to quality and improvement of schools that offer teaching Spanish in Spain and outside of Spain .
Encourage the development of a system of homogeneous teaching Spanish in their standards and with full guarantee of services and complementary activities offered .
Easier for people interested in learning Spanish choosing a center that has been accredited by a state agency prestige.
AIL Madrid is an Instituto Cervantes - accredited Spanish Language School that offers a wide range of Spanish classes for adult students of all ages.
If you cannot come to Madrid right now, perhaps you still fancy experiencing some of the delights of a trip to Spain from the comfort of your own home? If you do, then try our complementary Online After Class Activities.

Our virtual activities are fun, engaging and interactive. You will meet people from the four corners of the world as well as having the chance to learn and see something new whilst at the same listening and practicing your Spanish.
Free Services
Con un surtido de más de 80 actividades, prepárate para explorar museos mundialmente famosos y lugares históricos, probar unas tapas deliciosas en el mercado de San Antón en Chueca o un chocolate con churros en el emblemático San Ginés, aprender a preparar tortilla y sangría en las clases de cocina, conquistar la pista de baile con nuevos pasos... ¡y mucho más!
At AIL Madrid, we are well aware that accommodation forms a fundamental part of your Spanish study trip.This is why AIL Madrid offers a wide range of good quality, reasonably priced accommodation to meet your individual needs and budget. If you do not wish to take Spanish classes but are looking for accommodation, please contact our Madrid Accommodation Service. Our Accommodation Advisors are always available to offer advice and assistance to help you make the most appropriate choice. Upon arriving in Madrid for your studies, our Accommodation Advisors will ensure you settle quickly into Madrid life - whether you choose a Spanish host family (homestay), a student residence, a shared flat, or a hotel.

AIL Madrid accommodation is:

-Centrally located - all of our accommodation is located within 10-30 minutes travelling distance of AIL Madrid.
-In good areas close to metro / train stations and bus routes.
-Carefully selected for a warm friendly atmosphere, good facilities, and clean, comfortable surroundings.
-Regularly inspected by AIL Madrid’s Accommodation Advisors to ensure high standards are maintained.
-Good value for money - Madrid can be quite an expensive place to stay. We have negotiated special lower accommodation prices for AIL Madrid students.

Your accommodation options:

-Spanish host family - Staying with a Spanish host family is the best way to develop your social Spanish skills and practice what you learn in the classroom.
-Shared flats - For an independent lifestyle, AIL Madrid have shared flats available, all in excellent locations.
-Student Residences – Meet other Spanish and international students in university halls of residence accommodation.
-Hotels – AIL Madrid can arrange 3 and 4 star hotel accommodation to suit your budget, all within easy reach of our school.
-One Bedroom Apartments – Luxurious individual accommodation for people looking for comfort and independence in the centre of Madrid.
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