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Spanish 2 enjoy in Valencia: An original way to learn spanish in spain
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Spanish 2 Enjoy presents a wide range of Spanish courses for young students focused on getting the most out of a great educational program, which combine a wide range of activities, that complement and consolidate what they have learned in class.

The Programs offer an unforgettable journey where language learning is encouraged and also help them grow and live.

From cultural sightseeing programs, through courses that fuse sports and Spanish classes, to a family immersion for an authentic Spanish experience.
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
The programme consists of 20 weekly lessons (55 minutes per lesson) on a one to one basis, as part of a programme fully designed to meet each students' needs.

Our Teachers' Home programme's main objectives are:
-To strengthen the basic knowledge of the language, while widening general vocabulary and reinforcing the most common grammatical and idiomatic structures.
-To become familiar with the vocabulary and linguistic structures used in professional situations, commercial meetings, social events etc..
-To gain confidence in the area of telephone conversations and communication skills in real social situations.

Also to enable the participant to visit some of the most outstanding social and cultural events of Valencia city, one weekly excursion and evening meal with the teacher is also included.


-Dates All year
-Length of course Min. 1 week
-Levels All levels
-Lessons/week 20
-Ages 18
-Class Size 1
-Accomodation Homestay(FB)
-Activity programme(per week)1 half-day 1 evening meal
Summer Camps
Summer courses for young people
Spanish 2 Enjoy presents a wide range of Spanish courses for young students focused on getting the most out of a great educational program, which combine a wide range of activities, that complement and consolidate what they have learned in class.

The Programs offer an unforgettable journey where language learning is encouraged and also help them grow and live.

From cultural sightseeing programs, through courses that fuse sports and Spanish classes, to a family immersion for an authentic Spanish experience.


Club4 is a programme that allows us to offer a personalized service and the possibility of greater academic achievement. The programme is primarily aimed at enhancing the communication skills of students, without forgetting the grammar and all customized to the age and level of the students.

Students, in groups of 4 students travelling together, are taught Spanish in fully equipped classrooms in our Schola Language Centre or at the teacher's house. Students receive 20 Spanish lessons (55 min./Lesson.) per week. In order to shape the groups, they can be composed for a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 5.

Club4 programme students follow a supervised activity and excursion programme (entrance and transport fees included) accompanied by their teacher visiting interesting places such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the Oceanographic, Terra Mítica, Bioparc, evening cinema, bowling, etc.).


-Dates Easter, July, August
-Length of course 1 week
-Levels All levels
-Lessons/week 20
-Ages 10 - 16
-Class Size Min 3 / Max. 5
-Accomodation Homestay / Residence (FB)
-Underground pass 20 trips/ week


Our Family Immersion programme is designed for students wishing to come to Spain independently and to live with a Spanish family.

This programme enables the student to integrate into the Spanish way of life and live the culture, as well as to practise the Spanish language in natural way. Spanish families are well-known for their hospitality and good conversation, and likewise for their Mediterranean diet.
To take part in an immersion program is a challenging and unforgettable experience for every student.

The students can combine the immersion experience with Spanish lessons taught in our Language school (1 to 1 or 2 to 1 format for two students who are travelling together)


-Dates All year
-Length of course 2 or 3 weeks
-Levels All levels Lessons/week optional
-Ages 10 - 17 Class Size 1 or 2
-Accomodation Homestay (FB)
-Activity prog. / week 2 half day 1 full-day


Spanish and Football is a programme which combines football (4 x 2 hours coaching sessions)with Spanish lessons (15 lessons/wk) and a complete cultural programme of activities and excursions (entrance and transport fees included) so that those who participate will get to know the city of Valencia, Spanish customs and culture.

About coaching, it is important to point out that will involve a comprehensive training programme in which all aspects of play, including techniques, skills, phases of play and small sided games will be covered. The players will witness a European philosophy which includes different styles, techniques, skills and evaluation on their game play and the way in which they play football.

Programme could be organized all around the year for closed groups (15 similar age students plus a teacher).

The programme will be based on three main concepts

-Practising a sport
-Co-existence and personal maturity through football.
-On campus we will encourage interactions and exchanges between international and Spanish students


-Dates June or July. For cosed groups: All year.
-Length of course 1 week
-Levels All levels
-Lessons/week 15
-Ages 10 - 16
-Class Size Max. 10
-Accomodation Homestay (FB)
-Activity prog. / week 2 half-day/1 full-day
Business Groups
Spanish for Companies. Business Spanish
If you are a professional with a busy life the Intensive Spanish Residential Programme is ideal for a second language acquisition in a short period of time.

The Intensive Spanish course for adults on weekends consist of 20 hours of Spanish contact, including 8 hours of classes with native teachers plus a cultural activity.

The student will stay in our own Hotel/Residence with full-board.

For added flexibility, the program will be available every weekend of the year, including festive periods.

Examples of cultural activities are: Flamenco show, wine experience, visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, tour through the historic centre, tapas night...

-Dates Any weekend of the year
-Length of course 1 weekend
-Levels All levels
-Lessons/week 8 (one to one)
-Ages 25
-Class Size 1
-Accomodation Residence (FB)
-Activity programme(per week)1 Cultural activity
School Trips
Schools, institutes, student groups
Spanish2enjoy specializes in receiving groups interested in one-week programs or longer stays.

The programs allow you to increase the knowledge and confidence of students in an international atmosphere.


Spanish Cultural Program is a programme made to measure according the make-up of your group. It runs for a minimum of two weeks. It is an authentic immersion in Spanish language and culture in an ideal environment.

Students will attend 15 hours per week of Spanish language and culture on weekdays plus a cultural activity. At weekends we will offer the possibility of doing wholeday excursions (entrance fees transport included).

Students can stay in our own residence or stay with a Spanish host family. Both options offer full board and include laundry service at least once a week.

Give us details of your group and we will send you an unbeatable offer


The “Mini Stays are short trips of 3 to 10 days where participants will have an authentic inmersion in Spanish language and culture.

We combine the stay in a Spanish family with a complete activity calendar, including workshops, social and cultural activities or visits to interesting places every day, lead by our team which have been carefully selected.

We also can arrange that students have an inmersion experience in one of our partner schools with native spanish speakers of their age.


The Cultural Exchange Program is designed for a group of students (min. 10 students) who willing to improve their Spanish while getting to know the Spanish way of life and its culture.

To run this programme we need one school from the country where agent is origin and one of our partner schools.

Students from both schools have the opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of the country they are travelling, as well as refine the language.
In Spain, foreign students receive a Spanish course (ELE) and they are integrated into classes and can experience how different subjects are taught in the Spanish educational system.
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
Intensive 20: It consists of 20 lessons/week (55 min. each), taught in small-sized groups of up to 10 students. The course covers the 4 main language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Intensive 20 5 conversation lessons per week. Therefore, students attend one daily lesson focused exclusively on Oral Spanish. Conversation classes will enhance communication skills by simulating different real-life situations.

-Dates All year
-Levels All Levels (6 levels)
-Ages 18
-Length of course Min. 1 week
-Lessons/week 20 / 25 / 30
-Class Size Max. 10
-Accomodation Homestay/Resid. (Breakfast, HB or FB)
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week
Intensive 25 5 private lessons per week. It is ideal for students who need to improve their Spanish in a short period of time.

-Dates All year
-Levels All Levels (6 levels)
-Ages 18
-Length of course Min. 1 week
-Lessons/week 20 / 25 / 30
-Class Size Max. 10
-Accomodation Homestay/Resid. (Breakfast, HB or FB)
Preparation DELE
DELE: Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera.
DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the official accreditation of the degree of fluency of the Spanish Language, issued and recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

Why take the DELE exam?

-It is an internationally recognised diploma
-It is an official accreditation of your level of Spanish
-It is an excellent addition to your CV, especially if you hope to work in Spain or Latin America
DELE exams are divided into 6 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

-Dates 5 weeks before exam
-Length of course 4 weeks
-Levels All levels
-Lessons/week 25 (55 min/lesson)
-Ages 16
-Class Size Max. 10
-Accomodation Homestay/Resid. (Breakfast, HB or FB)
Spanish2Enjoy also offers other alternatives to learn a language in a fun way. The activities/ workshops will last generally two hours. Our native teachers are highly qualified in the workshop as well as in teaching a second language. Practice your Spanish, learn new vocabulary and discover the secrets of Spanish culture.
-Visits to museums in Valencia
-Spanish Food
-Wine Experience
-Flamenco Dance
-Latin Dances
-Hip-Hop dance master class

Once you step through your family's door you will practice your Spanish in a relaxed and authentic environment.
Spanish families are famous for their hospitality, sense of humour and enjoyment of family life. The intimate atmosphere that comes from living with a local family encourages the natural use of everyday Spanish.

Spanish cities, like Valencia, usually consist of medium height buildings rather than single family homes. In Valenica it is normal to see buildings between 5 and 10 floors tall.
In the areas that surround Valencia, such as in Moncada, buildings are shorter, and there are plenty of residential areas with detached houses, with private gardens and even a swimming pool. Since these towns are very close to the city, about 20 minutes to the centre of Valencia, the number of families that decide to move from the city to the town is increasing every year.

Usually, one of the things that students are more anxious about is their host family. Prior to your arrival in Spain, you will have a detailed profile on your host family.

The host family must provide the student with:

-A clean, organised living environment
-A bedroom with a bed, desk, lamp and storage space for clothes
-Breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week
-Clean sheets and towels once a week
-Access to the homestay’s laundry machines (if they have them)
-A comfortable, friendly and supportive environment

When a student chooses to live with a host family, they gets involved in the Spanish way of life, including timetables, our delicious gastronomy, Spanish traditions and festivals and above all, Spanish language.


Spanish2enjoy offers accommodation in our own Residence-Hostel “El Convent”, located in Moncada, at a short walking distance to the university and our language centre.

It has 11 double rooms and 2 single rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, a desk and free internet Wi-Fi connection

is available throughout the building. There are two possibilities of accommodation, one person in a single room or two people in a twin room.

The stay has the possibility of being half or full board accomodation.

The residence also offers the followingservices:

-Breakfast. (Water, juice, milk, coffee, teas, pastries and toasts, fruit)
-Maid service twice a week.
-Linen (change once a week) and towels (change twice a week).
-Internet Access.
-Central Heating.
-Common area with tea, coffee and a guest fridge.
-Laundry service. (with extra-cost).


Sharing an apartment with other students is a great way to experience Valencia and practise speaking Spanish with other language school and university students.

The apartments are situated in convenient locations, and students share the common area, bathrooms and the kitchen. All houses have living-dining areas.

All bills included with bedding provided except for towels
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