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Pylmon in Barcelona: Don't just learn it, live it!
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Pylmon Barcelona is a language school specialised in teaching Spanish for foreigners. Our students come from all over the world to learn Spanish and live the unforgettable Barcelona experience. Pylmon Barcelona's main objective is to offer the best combination of leisure and learning.

The Academic department is made up of a full time Academic Coordinator, as well as a team of highly qualified teachers, who have been specifically trained to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language. All our teachers have a master's degree in Spanish for Foreigners and extensive teaching experience. To ensure that our courses run smoothly and follow our guidelines, the Academic Coordinator organises a weekly meeting with teaching staff and monitors students' progress regularly.

Our teachers design original and compelling programmes, using the communicative approach, a methodology that focuses on the practice of the language through dynamic activities, role-plays and games. We use a variety of fun resources and custom-made material to make sure our students learn the language in the most effective way. At Pylmon Barcelona, we also believe that learning Spanish goes hand in hand with discovering the country's culture.

This is why we try to integrate cultural aspects in our courses and encourage students to discover the city and mingle with locals through our social activities.
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Would you like to organise a linguistic stay for your school or university?

We offer a wide variety of services, from a short several day mini-course with 2 hours daily classes or a 3 weeks' duration stay combining Spanish classes with outdoor cultural activities and guided tours. We can also arrange your accommodation during the course as well as pick up service, from and to the airport.

Year after year there are plenty of groups, which repeat this experience or come for the first time!

What is the average age of your students?
Depending on the time of the year, the average age of our students may range between 20 and 35 but, in general, we accept students aged 16 plus. If you are under 16, you might do private classes or contact us to ask for more information. Our students come mainly from Europe (Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Italy), but some come from as far as the US, Japan or Australia.

Contact us and we will send you a financial estimate, without any obligation.
Level Coures
A1 Elementary
Basic level.
Simple, everyday phrases. Isolated words or expressions.
A2 Pre Intermediate
Plain and simple language.
B1 Intermediate
Understanding of everyday language . Clear expression of ideas. Sufficient knowledge to workplace activities.
B2 Upper Intermediate
Structure of language (oral and written) . Expression safely in almost any situation and understanding of the native language partners.
C1 Advance
Almost total understanding including typical expressions of language. Similar to the mother tongue even in situations of complexity level.
C2 Proficiency
Commonly spoken foreign language and accurately . Using idioms.
At Pylmon Barcelona, we think that teaching Spanish is not limited only to learning the language, but it should also include a familiarity with the culture and lifestyle of Spanish society, and for this reason we consider social activities to be very important for full immersion.

As we like to say “don’t just learn it, live it!” -these activities are designed so that our students get to know and participate in the city’s everyday life, get to form part of it and end up feeling that they are just one more “barcelonés” during their stay.

That's why we've decided that instead of organizing Barcelona tours and outings, we'll have our students participate in social events organized by groups of Spanish people.

According to your interests, we'll have you join groups of: amateur photo- graphy, jazz lovers, casual football players, language exchange groups ...etc.
We'll still be offering daily Barcelona tours and weekly excursions for the one of you who are interested.

You will have a calendar from which you can choose the activity that suits you best; you will just have to book it at the school’s reception.

Every week, from Monday to Friday, we propose a list of guided tours (free or chargeable) to city landmarks such as: Guell Park, Sagrada Familia, Picasso Museum, Joan Miró Foundation, the foodmarket of Boqueria, etc.

We combine them with cultural activities and events, for example: conferences or Spanish cinema sessions.
You just have to choose the one you like the most and ask the reception to book it for you.
Fashion is my passion
If you want the save time and go to the coolest spot of fashion in the city book the intensive 20hours plus 4 hours a week of shopping assistance.
Our fashion advisor will show you the best retails stores of the city.
Intensive 20 course plus 2 cooking classes of 2.5hour each (per week).
You will learn how to prepare traditional dishes from the Spanish cuisine, such as: paella, tortilla de patatas, gazpacho, different tapas, and the best thing of all is that you will enjoy the workshop and the dinner in a spanish family.
Dancing much?
If you love dancing and you like latin moves, the Intensive 20 course plus flamenco or salsa lessons is made for you.
You can choose between 4 hours a week of flamenco, rumba catalana and sevillanas or 5 hours a week of salsa.
The dance classes take place in the afternoon at a dance academy. A professional instructor teaches you the basic steps of these lovely moves.
I work out!
If you are a real gym addict, don't think twice and choose with your intensive 20h to book a 7 days 24h pass to the gym.
The accommodation is an essential part of your stay in Barcelona and therefore it is very essential for us that you feel comfortably well. We offer a wide variety of accommodations, shared apartments and host families, and our aim is to offer you the type of accommodation that best suits your preferences. We can also arrange a booking of the room in students' residence or a hotel in case you would like to have more freedom.

At Pylmon, we carry out a meticulous selection process as well as periodical revisions of shared apartments and host family facilities. This, together with your opinions, allows us to guarantee excellent quality and price. All our accommodation facilities are located within maximum 20 minutes distance by public transport from the school.

Usually, your accommodation is available from Sunday before the start date of your course and finishes Saturday after the course. We offer you the possibility to book extra nights in case you would like to, more than 3 nights is considered a new week of accommodation

HOST Families
Family stay is, undoubtedly, the best accommodation option if you would like to go into Spanish culture and get to know closer the everyday lifestyle of a Spanish family. The cultural immersion means to get used to host family's habits and norms of daily coexistence, still keeping certain independence as you will have a room on your own as well as your own set of keys.

Our main objective is to offer you a family accommodation that will suit you best, thus we always take into consideration all the details that you can provide us describing yourself such us: age, sex, allergies or eating habits, etc.

The accommodation in host family includes towels, laundry service (once a week for stays longer than 1 week) as well as a set of keys. Most of our partner families have Wi-Fi connection at home. As far as meals are concerned, you can choose between bed and breakfast option or half board (breakfast and dinner).

It is required that you inform us about your arriving time in Barcelona so that the family is at home to welcome you and show you around.

In case you are not happy with your host family, please inform us about it during the first week and we will provide you with three different family options, which you will be able to visit before making your decision. This service is totally free during the first week of your stay.
*Extra night: 35 €


-1 week: 195€
-2 weeks: 390€
-3 weeks: 585€
-4 weeks: 780€
-Aditional week: 195€

Single,Half Board
-1 week: 220€
-2 weeks: 440€
-3 weeks: 660€
-4 weeks: 880€
-Aditional week: 220€

-1 week: 165€
-2 weeks: 330€
-3 weeks: 495€
-4 weeks: 660€
-Aditional week: 165€

Double,Half Board:
1 week: 190€
2 weeks: 380€
3 weeks: 570€
4 weeks: 760€
Aditional week: 190€

SHARED Apartment
The shared apartment accommodation gives you the opportunity to live with students of other nationalities or with local Spanish people who work or study. You will have a room on your own (double or single bed) with a wardrobe, writing desk and a chair. The shared spaces (living room, kitchen and bathroom) are fully equipped and most of the shared apartments are provided with Wi-Fi connection.

The accommodation in shared apartments includes bed linens and a weekly cleaning service in shared spaces.

It is required that you inform us about your arriving time in Barcelona at least 1 week in advance so that the person responsible for welcoming you could meet you at the apartment and give you the keys.
*Extra night: 50 €


Single room
-1 week: 190€
-2 weeks: 330€
-3 weeks: 465€
-4 weeks: 580€
-Aditional week: 140€

Double room
-1 week: 140€
-2 weeks: 260€
-3 weeks: 385€
-4 weeks: 470€
-Aditional week: 105€

Shared flat
This type of accommodation is available during the summer only (we recommend you to get further information at the school office).

Staying in a student residence is something between staying with a family and sharing a flat: in the residence you have more independence than in a family and contrary to a shared flat you won´t have to worry about cooking or cleaning.

The residences run smoothly by persons responsible for all things in the building (food, cleaning, maintenance, control, etc.).

They are open 24 hours and have a caretaker at night.

Private apartment
If you prefer another type of accommodation, we can offer you a private flat or a room in a hotel. Contact the school for further information.
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