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InterLenguis in Salamanca: Learn Spanish at InterLenguis
Calle Pollo Martín, 22
Would you like to learn Spanish? Well CONGRATULATIONS! You are in the right place. At InterLenguis we will help you to get the level of Spanish you are wishing for in the best way.

InterLenguis is located very close to the city centre and a few meters from the shopping area. We are also just 5 minutes from Plaza Mayor and Van Dick, a youth entertainment area where you can enjoy delicious typical tapas of Salamanca. Our Spanish language school is a modern school, its classes have projectors and now we have a study area equipped with computers and tables so you can make the most of your study hours. The main objectives of InterLenguis are to teach Spanish to our international students, from their language to their customs and lifestyles, making them enjoy an unforgettable experience during this adventure in Salamanca.

Our school is characterized by its youthful atmosphere and our high qualified teachers. We have students of every nationalities with whom you can share your time while learning Spanish.

InterLenguis offers you a variety of prestigious Spanish courses as well as different types of accommodation in Salamanca such as residences, shared flats, host families, apartments...

For us, the most important thing is to enjoy our language while you learn it, so we guarantee an unforgettable experience learning Spanish in Salamanca with InterLenguis
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
Contamos con diferentes tipos de clases particulares dependiendo del número de horas que desee el alumno. Nuestras clases particulares pueden ser individuales o semi-individuales.

Impartimos todos los niveles para aquellos estudiantes que deseen aprender y trabajar las competencias del español a su ritmo sin necesidad de depender de un grupo. Las clases se dividen en 5 horas semanales con una duración de 55 minutos cada hora.

Estas son perfectas para aprender y reforzar los aspectos del español que desees, junto a nuestros profesores podrás diseñar un plan personalizado. Estas se tratan de clases individuales en las que se imparten todos los idiomas. Se compone de 10 horas semanales y la duración es de 55 minutos por clase.

Estas son la forma más rápida de trabajar el español a tu propio ritmo, con un horario flexible y así sacar el máximo rendimiento de tus clases de español. Además, este programa está pensado para ofrecerte la oportunidad de preparación para un examen oficial. Se imparten todos los niveles y las clases se dividen en 20 horas semanales con una duración de 55 minutos por clase. Horarios flexibles.

Estas clases están pensadas para los estudiantes que necesiten mejorar rápidamente habilidades del idioma español compartiendo con otros compañeros o amigos una atención personalizada. Estas clases se forman de un máximo de 3 estudiantes por clases en las que se imparten todos los niveles. Las fechas de comienzo son cada lunes. Se compone de 10 horas semanales con una duración de 55 minutos por clase y un horario flexible.

Estos son cursos de formación personalizada adaptados a los contenidos del español que más interesen al alumno. Dispondrá en todo momento de un tutor.
In order to complete your Spanish courses, the InterLenguis School offers you a variety of courses to make the most of your stay in Salamanca. Among our range of activities you will find:

- Gastronomy. Discover the typical dishes of Spain and sign up at:
o The tapas routes
o Visits to wineries
o Meals/dinners

- Cultural activities in Spain. Visit the whole historical complex and museums of Salamanca and attend the variety of shows they propose to you (on our Facebook you will find all the information about this):
o Cinema’s night
o Theatre
o Concerts/Live shows
o Exhibitions

- Sports and fun. What better way to learn Spanish than by practicing it at our karaoke nights? You can also be part of the photographic gymkhanas that we will organize, demonstrating your skills to your friends. Join our football championships or learn to dance flamenco, salsa, bachata… Is there anything more typical than this?

- Workshops. Enjoy and interact with your colleagues in one of our workshops. The one we like the most is the workshop to learn how to make some of the most typical Spanish meals.

- Trips. Discover a different city every weekend by signing up for our trips that we will do every Sunday. These trips will last from 1 to 5 days, depending on the destination you choose. Among our destinations you will find:

ÁVILA: a medieval city declared a World Heritage Site in 1985. It is characterized by its wall of great tourist claim, the cathedral, and The viewpoint of the four poles, the Church of Santa Teresa or the monastery of Santo Tomás among others.
SEGOVIA: also World Heritage Site since 1985. Its environment is medieval or Jewish and it is known for its aqueduct, the Cathedral or the Alcázar, the Synagogue, or the Jewish quarter.
MADRID: the famous Spanish capital offers you hundreds of places to discover like the Parque del Retiro, the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, or numerous museums and emblematic buildings that will make you fall in love with the city.
LA ALBERCA: this small medieval town with narrow streets and stone buildings has become one of the most charming in the province of Salamanca.
CANDELARIO: town declared Historical-Artistic in 1975, it is placed less than 50 miles far from Salamanca. The beauty of this town lies in its narrow streets covered by channels of crystal clear water from the snow of the mountains.

LEON: it stands out for its religious architecture. Gothic style with stained glass windows is its cathedral, the Romanesque basilica of San Isidro. It also has amazing natural landscapes.
BURGOS: it stands out for its medieval architecture. On this visit you will discover the Gothic cathedral of Santa María, declared a World Heritage Site. Discover the history of Cid Campeador.
TOLEDO: known as the city of the three cultures for its Jewish, Arab and Christian mix reflected in the Mezquita del Cristo de la Cruz, the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca and the Synagogue of the Transit. With castles, walls and citadel, Toledo was declared a World Heritage Site.

PORTUGAL: placed in the southwest of Europe and neighbour of Spain. It stands out for its ideal climate throughout the year with a varied and exquisite gastronomy. Visit Coimbra, the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Lisbon, Cascais or Sintra.
GALICIA-ASTORGA: Galicia, community famous for its cliffs, mountainous landscapes and, of course, for El Camino de Santiago. Astorga, Ponferrada or Lugo are some of the other Galician cities of great beauty and tourist interest
EL ESCORIAL: The Royal Monastery of El Escorial, composed of a royal palace, a basilica, a pantheon, a college, a library and a monastery. It stands out for its historical reference and it is located just a few miles from the community of Madrid.

GRANADA: considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Its main beauty lies in La Alhambra, being considered one of the wonders of the world, the incredible courtyards, the Alcazaba, or the military zone and the precious Generalife Gardens make up a wonderful walk. And if you like skiing you can visit Sierra Nevada which is placed just a few miles away, this can be seen from the San Nicolás lookout, in the Albaicín.
SEVILLA: capital of the community of Andalusia. It stands out for its climate and blue sky. A walk on the Triana Bridge, the Old Quarter, the Giralda, the Reales Alcázares, the Torre del Oro, the Plaza de España or the Parque de María Luisa are certainly worth to visit.
BARCELONA: discover this great city from the neighborhood of El Gotico to the picturesque or Raval. Enjoy the culture, modernity, walk along the Rambla to the fountain of Canaletas (known for being the place where the victories of the football team Barça FC are celebrated), the Liceu Theatre or the famous market of La Boquería. And of course, the majestic Sagrada Familia, a basilica that has been built since 1882 and which is expected to be ended by 2026.
At our school we want your stay in Salamanca to be the best of all, that is why we offer the accommodation option that best suits you and can be selected along with the desired Spanish course. Our types of accommodation are:

> HOST FAMILY. The student will have the opportunity to live with a Spanish family, practicing Spanish with the family members. At InterLenguis we have made a selection of several and different families to adapt themselves to the needs of each student and make him/her feel at home. The student can choose from four options:
- Single room with half board (breakfast lunch/dinner)
- Single room with full board (breakfast lunch dinner)
- Double room with half board (breakfast lunch/dinner)
- Double room with full board (breakfast lunch dinner)
In the case that the student has a special request, it should be duly indicated in the comments of the registration form and reported to the family.
*Depending on the family the laundry service could have an additional cost

> RESIDENCY. InterLenguis selects residences with better conditions and facilities for its students taking into account the proximity to the city centre and the school. Residences are the perfect accommodation for those students who want to live in a youth and multicultural environment. The minimum age for accommodation in a residence is 18 years. The student can choose from four options which best suits his/her needs:
- Single room with half board (breakfast lunch/dinner)
- Single room with full board (breakfast lunch dinner)
- Double room with half board (breakfast lunch/dinner)
- Double room with full board (breakfast lunch dinner)
*Rooms can have shared or private bathrooms (subject to availability). The residence has common TV rooms and computers, free WIFI, and rooms will be equipped with study table.
• You will have the room from Sunday to 14h until Saturday at 10am
• 24h surveillance

> SHARED FLAT. If the student wants a more independent stay and in the company of other young people, this is the best option for them. The flats are made up of 2/3 rooms including single or double, 1/2 bathrooms depending on the space, a kitchen and a living room. In addition, hot water and heating services are included. All rooms are fully equipped. In this type of accommodation, cleaning, cooking and maintenance is provided by students. Students can choose from these options:
- Single Room
- The double room
The minimum age for choosing this type of accommodation is 18 years.
* The room will be available from Sunday at 14pm until Saturday at 10am. In the case that the student arrives day(s) earlier he must inform the school as soon as possible in order to find a cheap accommodation for that night. The student will pay this additional cost.

> APARTMENT. If the student seeks privacy, intimacy and living his own rhythm of life, this is his type of accommodation. All apartments have a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a room fully equipped and adapted to the needs of the student. This accommodation does not include cleaning service, this is provided by the student, as well as food.
• The room will be available from Sunday at 14pm until Saturday at 10am
• Minimum age required: 18 years

> HOTEL/APARTMENT HOTEL. If what you want is a comfortable and at the same time full of privacy stay, this is the option we advise you. InterLenguis will look for the hotel or apartment hotel that best suits the student’s preferences. If you prefer something cheaper we can also find a hostel. This option is designed for those who come to live during a short period (1-2 weeks). The student can choose between these options:
- Only by lodging
- Single room and breakfast
- Single room and half board (breakfast lunch/dinner)
- Single room and full board (breakfast lunch dinner)
- Double room and breakfast
- Double room and half board (breakfast lunch/dinner)
- Double room and full board (breakfast lunch dinner)

All these options offer you:
• Accommodation near the city centre and school.
• The minimum duration in these accommodations is 1 week.
• If your stay is 4 weeks or longer, you can always combine accommodations between week and week.
• In the case of the residence and the host family, they will offer bed linen, towels will be brought by the student.
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