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Academia Hispánica in Cordoba: Study Spanish in Spain like never before!
Rodríguez Sánchez,15
IH Córdoba was founded in 1953, becoming the first language school in Córdoba and one of the few ones in Spain. At the same time IH Córdoba became the first school of the International House World Organisation. International House is a world leader in the field of language services and teacher education. It has 158 members in 50 countries around the world and provides the most advanced methodology to ensure more direct, communicative and effective language teaching.

In 1954 the first Spanish language teaching courses started. Having students coming from a variety of countries to learn the Spanish language was such a new and important issue in Córdoba, that in 1970 this achievement was highly recognized by the city town hall. Córdoba was no longer just one more city in South Spain, it became an international city opened to the world.
Academia Hispánica is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

IH Academia Hispánica Cordoba is located in the city centre close to the historical quarter, in a two floor Andalusian-style house with a beautiful patio decorated with plants and flowers. It has 22 classrooms with natural light coming from the street or from the patio. All of them are well equipped with interactive whiteboards, iPads, Apple-TV, air conditioning and central heating. There is also a library, media room and free WiFi access for students use. It is also fully equipped for handicapped people.

All our teachers are Spanish natives, university graduates and trained professionals who have completed the International House course for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The maximum number of students in intensive courses is 6, which allows a close relationship between students and teachers. This interaction is increased in weekly one-to-one tuition classes and in teachers and students meetings outside the school. All classes are in the morning, leaving the afternoons free for social activities and for a free practice of the language learnt in class.
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
If you want to grasp Spanish in a short time, this is the ideal choice. It is tailor made course and you can have the freedom to choose the number of classes you want in any week. Duration of the course will be your choice. The minimum period for attending classes is one week. While we admit six students for most of the other programs, here we restrict the intake to maximum of two. Available in 6 different levels (A1 - C2) that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Special program on Law, Business, and Engineering are also offered. You can attend this Spanish course all year round regardless of your Spanish language level. These courses will be conducted in Spanish.

Advantages of Private classes are

You get 100% attention
You enjoy the flexibility of timings
You decide on the duration
You can space the revisions etc.
Online Courses
This option of practicing Spanish with our ONE-TO-ONE ONLINE SPANISH CONVERSATIONAL LESSONS is something that was dreamed about in the past but was impossible to offer. Now, thanks to the new technological devices, we are able to offer private conversation lessons with one of our teachers through Skype. So no matter where you are, no matter when you can, we can make it happen.

Students who choose our ONE-TO-ONE ONLINE SPANISH CONVERSATIONAL LESSONS to improve their Spanish are those who have already been students at Academia Hispánica and wish to maintain or to continue improving their Spanish, and also those who wish to learn and practice Spanish in real-time with a qualified native Spanish teacher and have no other possibility of obtaining this ‘real experience’.

ONE-TO-ONE ONLINE SPANISH CONVERSATIONAL LESSONS suit to your interests, your needs, your timetable… it was never so easy to feel like being with us for a while at Academia Hispánica in Cordoba!


Flexible timetable
Flexible starting date
Flexible course length
One to one
Tailor-made lessons: What you need and as you want it.
All levels from A1 to C2 that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
Minimum age is 16
Intensive Course 10
10 Hours per week
The Intensive Plus courses are ideal for you if you want to get yourself involved in a whole lot of activities during the course duration. In addition to the normal general group classes, you also get the one-to-one module once a day.

Some of the added features of this course are Conversation Classes, Spanish Movie Activities, and a complete social program.

We offer two types of programs – Intensive plus 10, and Intensive plus 5 (10 or 5 private lessons per week). You may choose either of the above depending on your specific interest and requirement. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require further details about the two programs.

The most remarkable quality in AH, when compared with others, is that we evaluate the specific need and interest of the aspirant first and then decide the best module for them and not any ‘standard’ format. We admit a maximum of 6 students (minimum 2) per class.
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
The most requested program by international students is the General Intensive Course. This course is intended for those who like to combine knowledge along with entertainment. You not only get the most intensive Spanish training, but you also you get involved in a variety of activities during the duration of the course; such as our ‘Welcome City Tour’, Conversation Classes, Spanish Movie Activities, Sevillanas Dance Classes and a complete social program. All this is to ensure that our students will learn the language and also the cultural and social aspects that enrich their learning experience.

In the General Intensive Course you get 4 lessons every morning of 50 minutes each. In addition to your group lessons, you get the one-to-one module once a week: a 20 minute private lesson.

Our General Intensive Course includes all levels; from the very beginners (A1) to the highest level (C2).

Our teaching method combines a traditional grammar approach with a more modern communicative focus. In class our students practice a wide range of communicative activities, always focusing on language that they will use in real life situations when they leave the classroom. To achieve this, our teachers go through grammar and technical aspects of the Spanish language to help students become fluent in speaking, listening, writing and reading. Only Spanish is used in class from the first lesson - regardless of the group level.

The maximum number of students in our General Intensive Course is 6, which allows a close relationship between students and teachers. This interaction is increased by the weekly one-to-one tuition lessons available to students and reinforced by the fact that students and teachers meet outside the classroom to practice in a less formal manner. By having small groups we also ensure the teacher is able to deal with the specific needs of each student on a more personal basis.

The General Intensive Course starts every week. Before starting a course, all students take the level test so as to determine what level they belong to, this is to ensure that every student at Academia Hispánica will make the most of their Spanish learning experience.
Extensive Course 3
3 hours per week
If ‘Intensive Courses’ are generic in nature, ‘Extensive courses’ are one step ahead. Specifically designed courses, for those students who aim to study at Spanish universities or institutions and those who are living in Cordoba. Chiefly based on the communicative and grammatical aspects of learning and orientated to getting students to speak and understand Spanish from day one. The courses are structured in a way that will allow students to progress to the next level in the shortest time possible.

One of the many features in this our course is the opportunity it provides to undergo an additional course on French, German, or English at Academia Britanica, our sister institution. The course on the foreign language is quite exhaustive. You get 25% discount on the combined language course. Admission is open to all levels.

With the added bonus of participating in our varied and attractive activity programmes, such as Tapas tours, Flamenco dance classes, Concerts, City tours etc. Typical of all our programmes, to exchange experiences with other Spanish students.

There are 4 classes per week, each 50 minutes with a minimum duration of one month. Classes are held in the mornings, evenings, or afternoons.
Preparation DELE
DELE: Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera.
Our DELE Intensive Course is intended for those students that wants to take the DELE exams at the end of the course. These exams are the official accreditation of the Spanish Language and the diplomas are issued by the Government of Spain.

There are six levels - Initial (A1, A2), Intermediate (B1, B2) and Superior (C1, C2).

Every week, there are 20 intensive coaching lessons on Spanish, and 5 extra lessons which specialize in, exclusively, exam preparation. The classes are designed in such a way that you will find the exam just a piece of cake. There are mock exams, observation on timely completion of all tasks, all on real time scenario. We cover all models of questions, to make you ready for the final exam.

At the time of registration, you will be given the exam schedule.
The maximum number of students in our DELE Intensive Course is 6, which allows a close relationship between students and teachers. By having small groups we also ensure the teacher is able to deal with the specific needs of each student on a more personal basis. This interaction is increased also by the fact that students and teachers meet outside the classroom to practice in a less formal way.

5 lessons per day of 50 minutes each. (Monday to Friday, from 9:15 AM to 2.00 PM)
Course duration: 5 weeks
Small course groups: maximum 6 students, minimum of 2
All levels from A1 to C2 that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
Minimum age is 16
Flexible starting dates - students can start on any Monday
Social Program in the afternoons from Monday to Friday (sample activities: sightseeing, guided visits, conversation classes, Spanish Movie Activities…)
24 hour emergency phone line
Free WiFi and computer access
Discover charming spots through the maze of streets of the historic center of Cordoba, stroll about the most typical districts of the city, learn how to dance Sevillanas (required to survive at parties and festivals in the city) and go out for tapas with other students and teachers are some of the free activities offered by Academia Hispanica IH Cordoba.

The social program is completed with activities from the leisure and cultural offer of the city, which is very generous throughout the year. Thus, our social program changes every week. Please notice that some of these activities may be payable.

If you have a special interest in a specific activity we can help you organize it and advise you on the best options.

Get a real immersion in Spanish life with our cultural program!Aside from your Spanish lessons, Academia Hispanica organizes a complete program of activities , excursions and daily trips. Some activities are related to city cultural events or festivals and are scheduled on specific periods of time .
A proven success!. Make the most of your two-week stay at Cordoba. We have the best option for you – the special ‘Language
Buen Apetito course
Everyone knows about the Mediterranean diet with its rich variety, natural ingredients, delicious flavours and great benefits to your health, and this is, and has always been, the major influence on Andalusian cuisine, and the many local variations found here in Cordoba.

This course will teach you all about the best-known dishes, how to prepare them yourself, the ingredients, the history behind each dish and the health benefits they bring. The students take an active part in the cooking under the expert guidance of a qualified cook, who goes through the recipe and the ingredients step by step, adding their own top tips, before everyone finally tastes the dishes prepared that day, washed down with a good bottle of wine.

The Course lasts two weeks and is 12 hours in length, with two three-hour classes given on two different days per week.

WEEK 1: Classes timetable – 18:00- 21:00

1st Day: Introduction, course contents and vocabulary using worksheets on ingredients and recipes.
2nd Day: Cordoban cuisine: Recipes from the most popular local dishes.

WEEK 2: Classes timetable – 18:00- 21:00

3rd Day: Making the most of your ingredients and preparing conserves
4th Day: Mediterranean Cuisine: game using fact files from the different Spanish regions and their best-known recipes.

Prices include 6 lessons Spanish
At Academia Hispanica we offer you two courses though which you can get to know the world of Flamenco in its native culture, while learning Spanish at the same time: Spanish and Flamenco Dance and Spanish and Flamenco Guitar. The dance classes are eminently practical, and you will be able to learn in detail the most important Flamenco dances during your stay in the school. You will work on everything from body posture and arm position to advanced choreography set to the different genres of Flamenco (solea, seguiriyas, bulerÃias and so on). You will also learn how to keep complex rhythms and off-beats, which are so crucial to learning Flamenco dance well. If what you like is Flamenco guitar, this course is ideal for learning all the different styles: solo guitar, song accompaniment on the guitar and dance accompaniment on the guitar. The classes are given in a wide range of levels. The guitar and dance classes are given by teachers from the most prestigious Flamenco school in Cordoba.

Classes Per Week : 20 spanish classes 2 hours flamenco dance or 1.5 guitar classes
Minimum Length : 2 weeks
Levels : all
Timetable :Spanish classes: Monday to Friday 09:15-13:00
Flamenco classes: Monday to Thursday evenings: 1 hour per day or two hours on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
Starting dates:from October to May
Our students have a choice of different types of carefully selected accommodation, all located in the centre (maximum 20 minutes on foot) and with options to suit all tastes.

Spanish Family: we recommend this accommodation most, since the families are all welcoming and hospitable, and all the members help the student really feel at home and integrate into the city's culture and way of life. There is a choice between individual or shared rooms and full- or half-board (breakfast and lunch). Families are selected attending to location, comfort, house equipment and sense of hospitality.

Apartments are ideal for those who want a bit more independence. They all have kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Shared Flats with young people in individual or double room, with shared kitchen and bathroom. You will enjoy the Spanish student way of life.

In these three options, students do their own laundry and cleaning.

Cordoba also has an impressive selection of hotels and guest houses with a wide range of prices.
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