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Languages and More in Cantabria: Spanish classes in a small village in rural Cantabria
Barrio Padierne 3A, Entrambasaguas
Private Spanish courses in northern Spain
in a homely atmosphere, at a unique location,
close to sea, beaches and mountains,
in an unspoiled region with picturesque villages,
experience Spanish culture and lifestyle,
learning Spanish; easy and fun for everyone!
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
Your classes take place in a relaxed and homely atmosphere, in a lovely country house.
Private classes are the most effective and efficient way of learning a language:
- 100% dedicated to you
- tailor-made to your personal needs and interests
- designed to meet your individual objectives
- adapted to your schedule
- flexible in hours and course length
- adapted to your learning style and pace

Whatever your level or reason for learning Spanish- the course will be fully tailored to your personal needs.
You may come alone, with a friend or with a small group of people. However, if you wish to have your lessons with one or more people of your own choice, we recommend you to have a similar level in order to achieve maximum progress. If you have different levels, we will try to arrange for simultaneously held lessons.
Online Courses
Spanish online classes are ideal to practise and improve your Spanish communication skills, without having to travel to Spain. Following are some of
it´s advantages:
- start at any time
- don´t waste time commuting to and from class
- lesson schedule can be adapted to your busy agenda
- continue to have classes even when on a business trip
- speak to natives without travelling to Spain

Online courses are ideal to perfect yor fluency, and gaining confidence in speaking Spanish.
Business Groups
Spanish for Companies. Business Spanish
Spanish for business
Learn specific business language and become familiar with the Spanish way of doing business. You will practise with our real life examples.

Our Spanish business courses are fully tailored to your specific business requirements, in terms of content, course data and course length.

You may want to learn how to:

- write effective emails and letters
- make telephone calls
- make presentations
- have a job interview
- solve Customer Service issues
- talk about productions problems
to name just a few.

Previously to the course we would discuss your specific needs and develop the course programme accordingly. Our carefully selected activities enforce your active communication skills and specially developed techniques ensure successful and meaningful learning.

We offer private classes, that can be 1-1, 2-1 or in small groups.

Please feel free to ask for more information or a personalized offer.
Level Coures
A1 Elementary
Basic level.
Simple, everyday phrases. Isolated words or expressions.
Basic level.
Simple, everyday phrases, useful words and expressions.
Private, tailor-made Spanish lessons. You may come alone, or bring a friend or two. 1-1, 2-1, small groups.
number of hours: flexible
course length: flexible
Starting date: flexible
Free time activities on offer locally.
A2 Pre Intermediate
Plain and simple language.
Plain and simple language.
Private, tailor-made Spanish lessons. You may come alone, or bring a friend or two. 1-1, 2-1, small groups.
number of hours: flexible
course length: flexible
Starting date: flexible
Free time activities on offer locally
B1 Intermediate
Understanding of everyday language . Clear expression of ideas. Sufficient knowledge to workplace activities.
Understanding of everyday language. Clear expression of ideas. Sufficient knowledge of work, school leisure, etc. related language
Private, tailor-made Spanish lessons. You may come alone, or bring a friend or two. 1-1, 2-1, small groups.
number of hours: flexible
course length: flexible
Starting date: flexible
Free time activities on offer locally
50 Plus
Courses for adults from 50 years
Private Spanish classes 50 Plus.
- in a relaxed and homely atmosphere
- personal attention
tailor-made private classes, adapted to your individual needs, objectives and interests
- engaging and interactive lessons, adapted to your personal learning style and pace.
- you may come alone, with a partner or a small group of friends or family. Classes can be 1-1, 2-1 or in small groups.
- lots of additional activities in Spanish
- excursions
-possibility to stay with your teacher and share their daily routine.

A great way to relax and enjoy yourself, whilst learning Spanish in Spain.
PS. All our teachers are native,highly qualified and experienced, they all speak at least English as a second language, which means they can fully understand your learning progress and are able to help you overcome any learning difficulties.
Doing activities is an active and easy way to learn the Spanish language. There is a great variety of sports and activities, most of them are provided by local companies and will be in Spanish, which helps you to improve both, your vocabulary and fluency.
Study Spanish in the morning, and do what you like doing in the afternoon, whilst speaking Spanish!

Cantabria is an amazing region which will surprise you in many ways. The great variety of scenery, the beautiful villages and the cultural offer in the region will make your visit worthwhile. There is beautiful 200 km long coast line, with more than 90 beaches to choose from! Further inland, peaked mountains with their river valleys provide a captivating contrast to the soft hills and green meadows. Picturesque villages invite you to have a stroll around, and amazing caves will take you back to the Paleolithic age. The excursions vary and can be booked locally.

Sports, gastronomy and other activities
Studying Spanish and practising sports is a perfect combination. There is a wide variety of sports on offer.

Water sports: surf, SUP, sailing,
Land sports: hiking, golf, horse-riding,
Adventure activities: climbing, canyoning, speleology,

Other activities: bird-watching, painting, Spanish dance

- Wine tasting
- Cheese tasting
- Cooking class
- Visiting cheese factory, brewery, …

If you are interested in Art, we recommend a trip to the Guggenheim and the Bellas Artes Museum of Bilbao, which is only 90 km away from us, and any of the museums in Santander. Optional guided excursions to visit historical sites or art museums are organized on request, or you can join any of the excursions offered locally.

Let us know your interests and hobbies, and we shall help you organize your free time!
Touristic Tour
Excursions in the area are being offered. They can be booked locally or you can let us know in advance. there are many different options, and depends on availability. We are happy to help you organize your excursion.
For example:

- Santander, panoramic
- visit to caves of the Paleolithical age
- Castro Urdiales, Santoña ...
- Santillana del Mar, Comillas ...
- Bilbao - Guggenheim and Bellas Artes museum
Do a Spanish course and let yourself pamper with a Health and Beauty treatment in one of the local Spa resorts.

Please feel free to ask us for an offer.
Please let us know your interests, so we can help you organize something to your likes. for example:

Spanish Art and History course - level B2 and higher
Guided tours in historic places
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Centro Botín Santander
Food takes a very important place in Spanish culture. Eating and drinking are social events;no matter whether it is a full meal or just some tapas. Spaniards can spend hours talking about food.
We are happy to organize a:

ham tasting,
cheese tasting,
wine tasting
cooking class
visit to a cheese factory
visit to a local brewery
Who doesn´t think of Spanish dance when thinking about Spain?
Let our Spanish dance teacher explain you the tricks of dancing a Flamenco, Sevillanas or a Pasadoble. Or what about Bachata, Salsa, Merengue or Rumba?
Get your shoes tapping to the music and learn to move graciously under the guidance of your instructor.
Please let us know in advance if you are interested in such a course, so we can try to arrange it for you.
Next to your Spanish language course you'll have plenty of spare time to do your favourite sport. If you like sports, you will enjoy being out in Cantabria, since there is a wide variety of sports on offer locally. Whatever you choose, we are happy to help you organize it. As long as you promise us to practise your Spanish!
watersports: sailing, surf, SUP
Land sports: hiking, golf, horse-riding,
adventure sports: climbing, canyoning, spelunking
It is up to you where you wish to stay, there's all kind of accommocation on offer locally, it's basically a question of preference. If you need any help in booking your accommodation, please let us know, we are here to help you.

Immersion - stay with your teacher
Homestay - stay with a Spanish family
Country house
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