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Escuela de idiomas Nerja in Malaga: Spanish Courses in Nerja (Málaga)
C/ Almirante Ferrándiz 73
29780 MALAGA
Spanish Language, Culture and Civilization Courses, utilising a methodology that emphasizes communication process in practice.
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
This is a custom-made course catering to students’ individual interests. It is a specialised intensive course for pupils with very specific needs in general or professional Spanish, such as business, corporate affairs, tourism, banking, medicine, etc., or for specific examinations, such as the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera – D.E.L.E), university, school-leaving and others.

-20 or 30 hours per week.
-4h or 6h per day, from Monday to Friday.
-Duration: 1 to 12 weeks.
-Course timetable: mornings or afternoons.
-All levels.
Level Coures
A1 Elementary
Basic level.
Simple, everyday phrases. Isolated words or expressions.
A2 Pre Intermediate
Plain and simple language.
B1 Intermediate
Understanding of everyday language . Clear expression of ideas. Sufficient knowledge to workplace activities.
B2 Upper Intermediate
Structure of language (oral and written) . Expression safely in almost any situation and understanding of the native language partners.
Intensive Course 10
10 Hours per week
General course in Spanish language, culture and civilisation for adults of all nationalities, imparted using the communicative method, with emphasis laid on the performance of tasks that enable real communication processes to be practised and the respective language skills -speaking, reading, writing and listening- to be put to use.
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
General course in Spanish language, culture and civilisation for adults of all nationalities, imparted using the communicative method, with emphasis laid on the performance of tasks that enable real communication processes to be practised and the respective language skills -speaking, reading, writing and listening- to be put to use.
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week
General course in Spanish language, culture and civilisation for adults of all nationalities, imparted using the communicative method, with emphasis laid on the performance of tasks that enable real communication processes to be practised and the respective language skills -speaking, reading, writing and listening- to be put to use.
50 Plus
Courses for adults from 50 years
Learn Spanish in Spain for Adults
Designed to give pupils over 50 years of age the chance of having a cultural experience while learning the language. Ideal for practising Spanish while enjoying our customs and culture.

-15 hours per week.
-3h per day, from Monday to Friday.
-Maximum of 10 students per group.
-Duration: 2 weeks.
-Course timetable: mornings.
-From 10.00h to 13.00h.
-Three levels: A1, A2 and B1 or B2.
Studying a second language goes beyond the classroom space. As a genuine immersion program, our courses offer cultural and social activities for use in your leisure time.
Touristic Tour
Visit to The Caves of Nerja
The caves are situated about 4 km from Nerja. Discovered in 1959, they are among the most beautiful caves in Europe due to the stalactite and stalagmite formations present there.
It was inhabited by man 30,000 years ago and there are still cave paintings from the Superior Palaeolithic.
They were first inhabited by man 30,000 years ago, although latest research could increase the period of occupation to the Neanderthal era. There are cave paintings from the Superior Palaeolithic but some of them could be even older as they are related to the Neanderthal man.
Once a year, in July, the Nerja Caves Music and Dance Festival is celebrated here, one of the most important cultural venues on the Costa del Sol.

Visit to Frigiliana
This tiny village, winner of several prizes for its beauty, it is situated 300 metres above sea level and It is one of the so-called “white villages” of the region of Axarquia.
It is famous for its characteristic wine, made with sultanas (sun-dried grapes), cane sugar and molasses which are produced by “Ingenio”, the only sugar factory that still manufactures this product in Europe.
Furthermore, the historical significance of the village in the 16th Century is noteworthy for when the Moorish rebellions converted the village into the site of one of the principal battles between the misunderstood Moors and the troops of King Philip II: the battle of the Rock in Frigiliana. A series of tiles tell the story for visitors to the village.
Spanish Photography
Study Spanish and enjoy your favorite hobby.

Spanish Cinema
A fantastic way to practice Spanish is to come to our Spanish cinema session after class. Students have the chance to watch some of the best Spanish, Latin American and International films, all in Spanish and with subtitles – Fun and educational!

Cultural Seminars
All cultural seminars, held in the afternoon, are part of the curriculum and they are designed for all levels.
In order to learn Spanish correctly, students must “learn to think like Spaniards do and live the language.” It is our desire, with these seminars, that our learners acquire the highest possible degree of acculturation during their stay.
Cookery Lessons
Our students learn to cook some of the most typical and delicious dishes of Spanish cuisine such as the paella. They also learn to prepare the popular Spanish party drink: sangria. During which time they practice Spanish and learn the tricks and secrets of cooking in order to recreate at home.

Wine Tasting Evening
Perfect activity to practice Spanish, while learning about the different wines of Spain, the most interesting producers and regions, the various well known grapes and the recommended dishes to compliment different wines. All this while tasting a variety of wines and commenting on their colour, aroma and flavour.

Tapas Tour
There is no better way to discover this typical Spanish custom than to come with us on a tour of the most typical tapas bars in Nerja and enjoy a magnificent selection of the region’s gastronomy, accompanied with good wine or a refreshing beer. This activity is the perfect opportunity to put the Spanish you have learnt into practice in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere always accompanied by a teacher.
Spanish Flamenco
Flamenco has a musical style and is a typical dance of Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia. The primary aspects are singing, playing and dancing with its own traditions and rules. Flamenco was declared a world heritage site since 2010, its influence breaks boundaries. Discover the magic of flamenco in its place of origin. With native speakers you can enjoy the festivities as an Andalusian.

Spanish Salsa
Salsa has mixed influences from African and European dances through merging the following styles: son, son montuno, rumba, guaracha. The basic step of all styles of salsa involves three weight changes called “pasos” each time four measures. With our courses you will learn the basics of this worldwide and popular dance style. Surprise your family and friends on the dance floor!
Spanish Golf
Situated in La Axarquía and, more specifically, in Caleta de Vélez 15 km from Nerja, you will enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the sea and mountains. There is direct access from the Mediterranean Motorway and the Caleta Sports Port is just 200 metres away. The course was designed under the guidance of José María Cañizares for all types of players from beginners to experts. If you’d like, ask about taxi services.

Spanish Tennis
Study Spanish and enjoy your favorite hobby.

Spanish Scuba Diving
Take your first steps into the world of diving with us and discover marine life as you have seen before. Explore the naturalcliffs of Maro or dive off the coast where the Spanish Armada once sailed. If you have de PADI license it is possible to dive into marine places of 30 metres deep.

Kayaking around the Coast
With this water sport you have the chance to have fun kayaking around the coast, enjoying the coves of the amazing Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs. This local nature reserve is a place with great environmental value because of its extraordinary geological formations and its impressive biodiversity that includes both coastline and ocean.

Volley Ball on the Beach
Enjoy this amazing summer sport activity, with other students and teachers, in the beautiful Burriana beach. Every week, from May to September, play with us!
Living Spanish is also about enjoying the accommodation that best suits your needs. A wide variety is on offer.

The Moorish-Andalusian style Club Costa Nerja with 30 rooms, is located in the Old Quarter, just a few minutes’ walk from the School and beaches.
Apart from its attractive terrace and swimming pool where you can sunbathe, with views across to the sea and mountains, the building is equipped with all modern conveniences, including a lift, air conditioning, heating and solar energy.

Standard rooms: double or single.
Premium rooms: minibar and kettle.
All rooms come with bathroom and flat screen TV.

Available to all students:
-Student’s Common Room: meeting place for e-mailing, doing homework, requesting reading matter, consulting a teacher or just relaxing over a quiet drink.
-Cafeteria with TV.
-Study Room.
-Cinema with a wide selection of films in Spanish.
-Additional lunch or dinner in a Spanish restaurant.
-The cleaning service operates from Monday to Friday.
-Rates include a change of towels twice a week and change of bed linen once a week.
-The Club kitchen is a shared facility, freely available to all students staying there.

Standard single room at Club Costa Nerja.
-Ensuite bathroom.
-Lunch or dinner in two nearby Spanish restaurants


-Club Costa Nerja Apartments
Modern and comfortable situated directly on school ground. Each apartment has a sitting room with flat screen TV and WIFI, as well as a bedroom, bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. These apartments have a terrace with a beautiful school garden view.

-Club Costa Nerja Studios
Brand new urban style studios in our school hotel. Free WIFI, sitting room area, open concept kitchen, modern bathroom with shower, separated bedroom area.

-Florida Apartment
Beautiful apartment with fantastic sea view balcony and a big communal swimming pool. Situated in a quite residential area within only 10 walking minutes from the town centre and beaches. Sitting room, two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.

-Pueblo Andaluz House
Situated in the typical Andalusia Urbanisation “Nueva Nerja” with a swimming pool and only within ten walking minutes from the centre or beach. Charming house: Sitting room with flat screen TV and WIFI connexion, fully equipped kitchen, a small patio and a toilet are on the ground floor. On the first floor there are the bedrooms and a bathroom with shower.

-Shared apartment
Very comfortable to share with other students. Single room for each student sharing the common areas. Sitting room with flat TV screen and bathroom.

Ideal for pupils who wish to live with a Spanish family, learn about their customs and get even more language practice. All our registered families will treat you as just another member of the family. Homes lie within a short distance from the School and Club Costa Nerja (a maximum of 20 minutes on foot). The best host family for international students is ready for you! What are you waiting for?

-Single or double room with half-board (media pensión): breakfast and lunch.
-The main meal of the day in Spain is “al mediodía”, i.e., lunch, from 1:30 to 3 p.m.
-Double rooms are reserved for students travelling together.
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