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Delta Language School in Cantabria: Learn Spanish in Spain with Delta Language School in Santander
Obispo Puchol, 3
Founded in 1980, the Delta Language School offers Spanish courses to students and adults who want to learn Spanish in Spain. Located in beautiful Santander, Spain, the capital of the Cantabria region, Delta Language School is a fully accredited teaching institution that is known for providing a blend of high level Spanish lessons in a friendly and supportive environment. Learn Spanish in the Spain, where the accent may be the purest.

A Stimulating Atmosphere
Delta Language School offers a diverse programme of social and cultural activities designed to introduce the student to and immerse the student into the daily life and customs of the Spanish and Spain itself. The goal of Delta Language School is to provide a friendly, relaxed, and stimulating atmosphere that will be “a home away from home”, so to learn Spanish in Santander, Spain will be an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Unique and Flexibility
Spanish courses at the Delta Language School are offered in Santander, Spain, throughout the year and range from beginner to advanced levels. In addition to the twenty hour per- week Standard Spanish Course, the school offers a wide range of Spanish programs designed to meet the individual needs of any student. To accommodate the busy schedules of the students, the school provides flexible scheduling so students may begin Spanish Courses anytime throughout the year.

Experienced Teachers
For Spanish language students who have had prior Spanish language instruction, the school provides a short test, given the first morning of class, in order to place them in the most appropriate class for their level. Delta has a team of highly trained Spanish language instructors. They have years of experience in a range of teaching methodologies, are learner-centred, dedicated, patient, and love to teach Spanish!

The Standard Spanish Course gives students the opportunity to improve their ability to communicate in Spanish by focusing on grammar and vocabulary development, speaking, listening, and writing skills.

Our aim is to increase the confidence of the student in their day-to-day use of the Spanish language.

We integrate each skill in the classroom, combining different tasks and activities, in which the student is the main protagonist.

Using video, audio, and authentic texts, we aim to maximise language skill development and create effective communication.
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
Fast progress!

For those who don't have much time and want to make as much progress as possible, this type of course is ideal.

The one-to-one course is also recommended for students with specific needs that cannot be satisfied easily within a group.

You can choose how many of each particular class you want to receive.

The timetables are much more flexible and can be adapted to the student’s agenda.

Firstly, we analyse your specific needs and individual goals and then we tailor a personalised programme adapted to you in terms of content, timetable and activities such as local company visits, excursions or cultural tours.

To tailor one-to-one training effectively, it is important to find out what your needs and goals are. Before coming to Delta Language School, you will be asked to do a very short test and also provide us a brief summary of how you use Spanish and what you would like to get out of your Spanish course with us.

When you begin your private lessons a further detailed analysis of your needs will take place. During this time you can decide, with the skilled and experienced assistance of the head of studies, how best to spend your time at Delta Language School. We will continue this assistance throughout the course, and lessons can be modified as your circumstances and progress change.

In this programme, the teachers are able to concentrate exclusively on the student’s personal needs.

At Delta Language School, we carefully consider your background, interests, potentials and language goals when planning your lessons.

In these courses, we make full use of current material like magazines and newspaper articles, company reports and TV recordings, as well as having a wide range of Professional Spanish material at the school. It is also possible to arrange study visits, if you wish.

In these courses, teachers are able to concentrate exclusively on the student’s needs.

Specific areas of interest
Our one-to-one Spanish Language Courses are perfect for students who want to learn Spanish in Spain for specific purposes, e.g. business, medical, finance or law.

You can design your own course yourself suitable for your needs; a course with your friends or colleagues; an intensive or a general course combined with one to one lessons; etc… Please, contact us with your objectives and ideas. We will get back to you, as soon as possible, with all the available options.
Business Groups
Spanish for Companies. Business Spanish
Business Spanish Courses provide confidence and fluency when using Spanish in different situations. They also develop the communication skills needed for specific jobs, such as finance, sales, or law.

Our Business Spanish Course in Santander is first and foremost based on knowledge already acquired, extending specific vocabulary and achieving a better command of the language on any specific topic.

All Spanish for business language training is given as private classes, which can be individually added to the Standard Spanish group course.
School Trips
Schools, institutes, student groups
We specialize in specific Spanish Language Programs, for foreign students of all ages and nationalities, directed especially those who wish to come to Spain to perfect their language communication skills, as well as learning about the culture and customs of the country.

We offer language courses and activities that are tailored to the student’s needs. They are designed to meet both our strict guidelines and the student’s expectations.

Courses can be specially designed to meet the needs of the group.

Teachers may accompany groups of at lest 15 students at no extra charge. (Free accommodation in host family or apartment).
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
Standard General Spanish.
4 hours instruction per day, 09.00 - 13.30, including breaks.
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week
Standard General Spanish with Intensive lessons.
6 hours instruction, 09.00 - 13.30, including breaks 2 hours in the afternoon or in the evening per day of Intensive lessons.

Learn Spanish effectively as fast as possible
We build our courses to fulfil your needs so what you learn is useful immediately and exactly what you required to improve your Spanish.

It is ideal for people who have little time and want to progress as quickly as possible.

The average age is generally higher than for the general course and the students tend to be highly motivated.

With the Intensive Course the student will get:

-2 more hours of lessons per day. (There is a maximum
of 8 students in the group)
-Reinforce the linguistic concepts learnt during the morning classes
-Get more fluency and confidence when speaking
-A general improvement of all communicative skills
-The student will also get the opportunity to work on a particular topic of interest to them

This course is generally complemented with aspects of cultural interest on Spain and Latin America, as we know that good teaching is not enough; to learn Spanish effectively, it is also necessary to be aware of sociocultural factors that provide an in-depth explanation of the structural and semantic elements of the Spanish language.
Teacher Training
For teachers of Spanish
Courses for non-native teachers of Spanish

These Spanish courses are designed in accordance with the budgets established by the Council of Europe related to teacher training.

Teaching ability includes a range of communication, intercultural and learning skills.

The objective of this course is to provide the non-native Spanish teacher with ideas that stimulate their creativity in the classroom, using all kinds of educational resources, and assist them in the process of perfecting the Spanish language.
One hour more per day of class and activities
This course provides you with more opportunities to become more familiar with Spain and the Spanish-speaking world and, at the same time, helps you to achieve greater fluency in communication.

In the Spanish Culture Course, for one hour, different sociocultural aspects will be covered
each day:
-Festivals and Traditions

As part of the price of the course, the cultural activities include:
-Visits to places of special interest
-Free transport
-Free entries
-A teacher guide who will accompany you during the visits to explain everything you want to know or to answer questions.

This course is complemented with other cultural activities: showing of cinematographic documentaries, conferences, shows....
Standard General Spanish with Extra Cultural lessons.
4 hours instruction per day, 09.00 - 13.30 including breaks 5 hours per week in the afternoon or in the evening of Spanish Cultural lessons.

This is a great way to play in some of the Golf Courses in Cantabria, learn about the Spanish Culture, and at the same time improve your Spanish in a very friendly atmosphere.

We organise personalized and exclusive Spanish-Golf programmes where you can improve your Spanish in private “one to one” lessons, and also play Golf on some of the Cantabria´s most enjoyable courses.

Improve your Spanish and your golf

In cooperation with first rate golf clubs in Santander and Cantabria, Delta offers you the opportunity to improve your Spanish skills in the morning and play or learn golf in the afternoon.


We organise personalized Spanish - Surf programmes where you can improve your Spanish language in“one to one” lessons, and also enjoy the Cantabrian`s coast that is considered a surfers’ paradise.

Delta Language School offers surf lesson packages in partnership with Escuela Cantabra de Surf to suit every level.

Choosing this programme you can combine :

Spanish “one to one”course with Surf lessons.
If you are experienced with a surfboard you can adapt your lessons to the weather, having a flexible Spanish lessons schedule.

You can enjoy spectacular waves rolling straight from the powerful weather systems of the North Atlantic while learning Spanish.
Your comfort is our priority

Delta Language School offers a wide range of selected accommodations to suit your tastes, needs and budget that are within walking distance to the school, city centre and beaches.

Delta Language School has carefully selected a wide range of Spanish host families, apartments and hotels, pensions and hostals where you will be made to feel at home. A good accommodation will contribute to your learning process in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Accommodation is reserved from the day before the course starts until (12.00h-midday) the day after the last course day.

Friends or family of our students who are not participing in our courses are also very welcome to reserve accommodation with for a small fee for booking.
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