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Círculo Empresarial EIBUR, S.L. in Burgos: Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes since 1990.
C/ San Pablo 12C - 14. Burgos
09002 BURGOS
Círculo Empresarial EIBUR, S.L. es el primer centro de Castila y León que cumple con la normativa ISO9000/2008 en todos sus procesos. Desde 2015, cumple con la normativa de calidad FQM.

Desde 2009 es miembro de la Red de Centros Acreditados del Instituto Cervantes. Este reconocimiento de calidad aporta un valor añadido al proyecto del centro de abanderar la enseñanza del español y la cultura española e hispanoamericana dentro y fuera de nuestro país.

Las instalaciones de EIBUR Español se encuentran ubicadas en la Calle San Pablo, nº 12C y 14 (09002 – Burgos).

Obtener la Acreditación del Instituto Cervantes ha supuesto una mejora en la calidad de la organización y gestión en todos los procesos del centro. Nuestra prioridad es la satisfacción de los alumnos por la calidad de la enseñanza y los servicios recibidos en nuestra escuela. Nuestros objetivos son la mejora continuada y la innovación en el desempeño de nuestras actividades.

Las lecciones se estructuran de forma dinámica e interactiva, con tareas, debates, juegos de rol y proyectos. Realizamos un seguimiento cuidadoso del progreso de nuestros alumnos, incentivando su auto-aprendizaje, y adaptamos nuestra metodología a sus necesidades.

Nuestro método se basa en un enfoque comunicativo cuyo fundamento es la competencia comunicativa, objetivo prioritario de la enseñanza de una lengua extranjera. A través de la comunicación continua nuestros alumnos ganan en habilidad práctica en tanto utilizan sus estrategias aprendidas en español a situaciones cotidianas. La tarea del estudiante es la de analizar los distintos componentes del lenguaje (semánticos, gramaticales, etc.), para conseguir un dominio progresivo del idioma en sus diferentes dimensiones.

Nuestros profesores son expertos cualificados y disfrutan enseñando y poniendo toda su creatividad en la aplicación de los recursos didácticos en sus clases.

Las clases de español se imparten en sesiones de mañana o de tarde, separadas por un descanso de 20 minutos, para charlar con los compañeros, comprobar el correo electrónico, o acercarse a tomar algo a la zona de recreo.
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons

This is the perfect choice for students who want a personalised course to make the most of their stay in Spain.

We tailor every programme to meet our students’ needs and interests. It is important that you contact us a few weeks before the course starts and let us know about your interests and necessities. That way we will be able to prepare your programme and timetable in time.

These courses start any time during the year and they last a minimum of 1 week. They are meant for all levels.
Level Coures
A1 Elementary
Basic level.
Simple, everyday phrases. Isolated words or expressions.
A2 Pre Intermediate
Plain and simple language.
B1 Intermediate
Understanding of everyday language . Clear expression of ideas. Sufficient knowledge to workplace activities.
B2 Upper Intermediate
Structure of language (oral and written) . Expression safely in almost any situation and understanding of the native language partners.
C1 Advance
Almost total understanding including typical expressions of language. Similar to the mother tongue even in situations of complexity level.
Intensive Course 20
20 Hours per week
Intensive Course 30
30 hours per week
Extensive Course 3
3 hours per week
Instituto Cervantes
Instituto Cervantes Accreditation is an integrated conditions and requirements related to academic activity and teaching staff , facilities and equipment , administrative organization and information and publicity referred to a center dedicated to the teaching of ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) indicators system.

The Centers Accreditation System Cervantes Institute aims to:

Promote commitment to quality and improvement of schools that offer teaching Spanish in Spain and outside of Spain .
Encourage the development of a system of homogeneous teaching Spanish in their standards and with full guarantee of services and complementary activities offered .
Easier for people interested in learning Spanish choosing a center that has been accredited by a state agency prestige.

EIBUR offers you an attractive variety of activities that you can do after class to best suit your likes and interests.

We organise outdoor activities such as excursions to places of interest, hiking, paint-ball, visits to other cities, weekends at the seaside, etc.

You can also take up any of our cultural activities: seminars, lectures, gastronomic routes, concerts, visits to museums and art galleries, pilgrimage to Santiago, etc. If you enjoy group activities, we offer you dance lessons, guided outings to the city, dinners, barbecues, as well as language practice exchange and sports.

Music performances: music is a relevant aspect of every country’s culture. With our musical outings you will enjoy the different types of Spanish music as well as the local varieties in Castilla and León, the latest pop trends, etc.

Spanish and Latin dances: we encourage our students to understand our culture and musical roots through dance. In a relaxed way they can learn how to dance the different Spanish rhythms (salsa, flamenco, “sevillanas”, tango, etc.).

Evening outings: join our guides and they will bring you closer to the pleasant atmosphere of Burgos, its lifestyle, nightlife and culture. They will take you to enjoy different cultural activities, to the theatre, cinema, etc.

Tapas: going out for a few ‘tapas’ is a funny way of bringing our students closer to the local cuisine of Burgos. You will also learn how to make a Spanish omelette, garlic soup, “sangria”, etc.

Initiation to the world of wine.
Spain is one of the oldest and most important wine producing countries in the world. The variety and quality of its wines are well-known.

Our purpose at EIBUR is that our students find out about the viniculture in Spain, acquire its specific vocabulary and taste our excellent wines in the wineries where they are produced. This is a practical interactive activity meant for those who are interested in knowing the world of wine more deeply.

Initiation to the Spanish olive oil culture.

We offer our students the unique experience of visiting our precious olive groves and mills in Andalusia, tasting our Extra Virgin Olive Oil cuisine. A wise blend of tradition and modernity in exclusively-designed menus that you will savour with relish during a three-day memorable excursion.

Sports: You will be able to practice sports in any of the several sport centres of the city (swimming, aerobics, athletics, footbal, tennis, paddle, gymnastics, squash, etc.).

At EIBUR, we believe that studying in the native country and using a language in its natural environment incalculably increases the quality and speed of learning.

We can assure you will enjoy yourself and get a more accurate idea of Spain’s reality, its people and their socializing habits.

Our outings and excursions are not included in the price of the courses. We all make a “fondo” (kitty), which is a typical Spanish custom.

All our activities are meant for young adults and those who keep young in spirit.
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In EIBUR we consider that accommodation is an essential aspect of your stay in Spain. For that reason our offer is carefully selected by our experienced staff.

When you enrol in one of our Spanish courses, you can choose to stay in a students’ residence, share a flat with other foreign students, live with a Spanish host family or in a family residence, or stay in one of the nice hotels in our city.
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