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IEMA Instituto Español Murallas de Ávila in Avila: Hola! Your decision to learn Spanish in Spain is an excellent one
Calle Martín Carramolino, 6
05001 AVILA
Here at IEMA, our philosophy is that you learn Spanish best in a well-balanced combination of studying, speaking and living this beautiful language. We focus at communication – how to understand Spanish and how to interact with them, enriching your stay in Spain.

Regardless as to your present level, if you have the motivation, I am sure that our carefully constructed courses at IEMA will more than match your expectations. You will find our classes both challenging and enjoyable.

We look forward to welcoming you to IEMA.
Spanish Schools in Spain
Private Lessons
These guarantee the highest quality, most effective teaching and learning. Being the only student in the class, your teacher can adapt the programme exclusively to your needs and interests, providing exactly what you require.

Generally students select 4 or 6 daily lessons which take place in the mornings and in the afternoons. We need to know which aspects of the language you need to study and your reasons for studying in order to provide the most effective lessons. Minimum 2, maximum 8 daily classes.

Another good choice is to combine a mini-group course with a number of private classes (cf. Mini-Group Course “Special”).

It is designed for people coming together (couples, etc.) having more less the same knowledge of Spanish and desiring more intensive classes.

There are 27 weekly lessons of grammar, communication and conversation. The hours are normally from 9:00 till 13:30.

Minimum 1 week.
Business Groups
Spanish for Companies. Business Spanish
Basic Certificate in Business Spanish
This course is oriented to the acquisition of the knowledge and necessary skills for the student to become enveloped within the business environment and the adequate preparation to be successful on the official exam given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid and the University of Alcalá.
School Trips
Schools, institutes, student groups
High School Groups

IEMA is specialising in programmes for groups of young people. As Avila is one of the safest cities in Spain it is a good place for this type of programme.

One of the principal objectives of this programme is that young people come to understand both Spanish mentality and lifestyle.

In addition, IEMA can organise accommodation with one of the excellent host families in Ávila.

We require information regarding dates, numbers of participants and areas of interest (language, society, excursions etc) so that we can develop and send you a plan of the programme.
Preparation DELE
DELE: Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera.
Preparation Classes for DELE - (Spanish Proficiency Exam)

Year round

The completion of our course prepares the student through practice, leading to the mastery of the five modules of the DELE exam , to be able to pass and be dominant of the language and communicative strategies of the corresponding DELE level.

To understand your advantages you must know the following:

IEMA is an accredited school of Instituto Cervantes and an official preparation site for the DELE exam held in cooperation with University of Salamanca and Cervantes Institute.

What is more, IEMA is participating in a working group at Council of Europe in adapting the language examinations to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (“CEF”).

IEMA’s general Spanish courses are adapted to these requirements. Therefore you benefit from a double advantage of learning Spanish according to the criteria of the “CEF” and the Cervantes Institute for DELE preparation.

This means that at the end of one of IEMA’s “General Spanish Courses” you will be able to express yourself, understand - in short: communicate. To demonstrate your knowledge and skills of Spanish 1. you will be offered by IEMA, after an exam free of charge, a document certifying your Spanish level according to the “CEF”; furthermore 2. you should sit the DELE exam – both is useful for your CV!

Preparation classes for DELE exams are designed to help you to pass DELE exams, through instruction in all 5 modules.

Classes will emphazise on grammar, lexique and some aspects of oral expression, as well as reading comprehension, writing, listening and oral expression.

What is the benefit from taking the preparation classes offered by IEMA?

To pass the DELE examinations an appropriate language competence is not enough. What you will also need is to know the format of the exam, the specific examination techniques and the skills of handling different types of exercises required at DELE examination.

Preparation classes for DELE exams therefore will familiarize you with the specific typology and character of DELE exams. You will be shown the different modules and types of DELE tests. We will also provide you with documents of former DELE exams. The teacher will guide you all the way to ensure serious, detailed and specific DELE preparation. So you will be able to pass the examination.

Preparation classes for DELE exam can be chosen as:

- Solely private lessons – you request the number of lessons
- Individual classes completing the general Spanish course
- Group classes completing the general Spanish course (the minimum number of participants is 5 participants per level/class), three times per week (90 minutes / class).

And during the first half of August: Special preparation course for DELE INTERMEDIATE. Please ask for details!

Before the classes start your Spanish level will be assessed by a test. We also take into consideration your individual requirements, needs and expectations.

Teaching materials for the DELE preparation have been carefully developed by IEMA on the basis of the requirements of the Syllabus of Cervantes Institute.

Finally, IEMA offers you help, free of charge, with the inscription for the DELE examinations and provides you with practical information about DELE exams at: www.examendele.com.
50 Plus
Courses for adults from 50 years
Seniors 50 IEMA is renowned for its programmes for adults who come to Avila as a group. These include Spanish culture, society and language studies all in one programme. One of the principle objectives of this programme is that you get to know the mentality, culture, customs and lifestyle of Spanish people. As courses are held in Spanish we recommend at least basic Spanish level. Your accommodation can be in Spanish homes or in the best hotels (some in old palaces) close to our school. Inform us about dates, your areas of interest and preferences so that we can send you a proposal of the programme. You are going to greatly enjoy our school and Avila. Hereafter you will find a selection of possible programmes with a short introduction to each. Please ask for details of the programme you are interested in.
Instituto Cervantes
Instituto Cervantes Accreditation is an integrated conditions and requirements related to academic activity and teaching staff , facilities and equipment , administrative organization and information and publicity referred to a center dedicated to the teaching of ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) indicators system.

The Centers Accreditation System Cervantes Institute aims to:

Promote commitment to quality and improvement of schools that offer teaching Spanish in Spain and outside of Spain .
Encourage the development of a system of homogeneous teaching Spanish in their standards and with full guarantee of services and complementary activities offered .
Easier for people interested in learning Spanish choosing a center that has been accredited by a state agency prestige.
IEMA is the only school in Ávila which has obtained the official accreditation of the Spanish government (Instituto Cervantes – Ministry of Education).

You have the guarantee to book a quality service with official certification of competency and credibility.
Avila, with its wealth of monuments and rich history, has a large variety of fiestas and cultural activities throughout the year which include festivals, cinema and theatre. Just a few examples include the huge medieval market in September which transforms the city into an enormous theatrical scene where all the citizens participate, numerous concerts of classical and modern music and the traditional fiestas or festivals with events such as the running of the bulls and other such timeless traditions that have been maintained for centuries.
Do you want to get to know Spain and its people? Do you want understand and live the Spanish way of life? During the afternoons you can participate, independently of your course and with students from other classes, in various culture courses. As a second option, you will have the opportunity to choose the classes that interest you most and gain a broad knowledge of all aspects of Spanish society and culture (course “Hispania”).

All classes are open to all levels (except for classes of Spanish Mysticism and Literature which are restricted to the advanced level students only).

Ask for more detail
Course 50 : Initiation to the World of Spanish Wine
Year round (except September)
This seminar to the lovers and connoisseurs of wine that want to enhance their understanding of the culture of Spanish wines; and, at the same time, learn aspects of Spanish society and history. The student will learn to “taste” wines, visit a winery and they discuss the most important artistic and cultural aspects of Castilla-Leon. Some Spanish language classes are included so that the participants can feel comfortable in their daily encounters while in Spain.

The majority of these classes will take place in the restaurant “El Almacen” and will be directed by Julio Delgado, awarded the title “Nariz de Oro” (“Gold Nose”), one of the best sommeliers of Spain.
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